The Council Decision

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Back To You

Chapter 3: The Council Decision

By: Dame Rose Tyler

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The council greeted Romana's request with contempt as she made her case to them.

"You know the laws Romana. The fact that someone not born of this planet has been accepted into the academy alone is a stretch of the rules."

Romana nodded at their reasoning but continued anyway.

"I understand. You know the prophecies as well as I do, so please just grant her the Tardis to use for this trip. Not only will she be reunited with the Doctor, she will gain the experience of an adventure on her own. Something she may not get to experience if she doesn't go now."

The council looked from Romana and turned to talk amongst themselves. Romana swayed back and forth on her heels waiting for their reply. She could only hope that they would give Rose this opportunity. She was the only one who really knew of the power Rose held; now it was time for Rose to see it as well. To see that she is strong on her own as well, that she could save herself. She wanted her to know that she was the Doctor's equal and not just a companion.

The council turned to face Romana once more.

"We will grant your request."

"Thank you." Before Romana could turn to leave the high councilor raised his hand.

"There is a condition to this gift."

"Ok, what are the conditions?"

"Rose Tyler will be granted a Tardis, but she must remain in this universe until her classes are complete. Once they are complete she will be allowed to bring the Doctor forth from the home universe."

Romana nodded, "Simple enough."

"Romana, that is not all. She will also be required to take on one companion from this universe. Not of the Earth though."

Romana smiled and nodded. Bowing to the council she proceeded to turn and leave the great chambers.

Rose was going to be happy for the most part. Romana could only imagine how she was going to take to the news about a non-human companion though. Rose would cross that bridge when she came to it. Now it was time to tell her the good news though. Romana made her way back to the Tardis fields.

Romana knocked on the Tardis door and opened it slowly.

"Rose are you in here?" Romana heard a mumbled reply.

"Where are you?" After a moment of shuffling and a few bumps Rose appeared from beneath the council.

"Made from the Doctor's Tardis alright, I'll have to grab a few parts and update some of the systems. She seems to really like me though."

"Glad to hear you guys are getting along so well."

Rose smiled and wiped her hands on a cloth.

"I see you've changed your clothes."

Rose laughed and spun in a circle for Romana.

"What do you think?" Romana looked Rose' outfit over and smiled. She wore a brown pinstripe suit, except for the feminine cut to it, she was practically wearing the doctors clothes.

"Well I think it's an interesting choice. Is it right for me to assume that your name is going to be Doctor when you're granted your Tardis?"

Rose nodded, "Well I figured it was only right that this universe have a Doctor as well."

Romana just smiled and walked up to stand in front of Rose.

"Now, it's time for my news. The council has agreed to let you take the Tardis now. There are conditions though."

Rose smiled and nodded as she continued to listen.

"You cannot leave this universe until your classes are complete, and you must take a non-earth companion."

Rose smiled grew flat at the last comment.

"I don't know if I could do that Romana. I mean it's always just been me and the Doctor. Honestly I don't know if I would be able to see it or do it any other way."

Romana nodded in understanding, "I figured you would say as much. I will tell you that this is an opportunity that you should not pass up. Look at it this way, spend some years exploring this universe and having your own adventures. That way when the doctor comes here, after your graduation you can show him this universe and share your own knowledge."

Rose looked over the council, her mind wondering over possibilities. The chance to see worlds like Gallifrey that had been destroyed before she had met the Doctor, maybe it wouldn't be so bad to see the sites before she went home.

"Alright, let them know I'll do it. I think I'm going to go home to Earth now though if that's alright with you."

Romana nodded and smiled as she headed to the door. Before she left Romana turned once more to look at Rose.

"I know what you're thinking Rose. It's not as bad as you think; you'll understand it all when the council reveals the prophecies to you." Rose smiled slightly and waved goodbye to Romana as she started the dematerialization process.

"I'll be back in a few days your time k? By then I should have a companion for the council to meet. If you need me before I return you have my number."

Romana smiled and closed the Tardis door.

"Rose, you'll heal in time, just give it a chance." She knew Rose was missing her family, she also knew that was the first place she was going to go. Into the past when she wasn't there to see her mother, all Romana could do now was hope Rose would find what she needed to in herself before she met the up with the Doctor again.

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