Chapter 1 .

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A/N: This was like my third book, so please excuse any errors or any poor grammar bc this is when I really started getting my feet wet with writing but enjoy.

Jeanylice Reyes

I dropped my suitcase at the front door when I scanned the house "Really Selena!" I called.

"What?" She came up behind me. "It's beautiful isn't it?"

"No, it's horrid. It looks run down and old."

"It does not look run down! Stop being so absurd and help Felix bring the rest of the things in."

I called my mother by her first name, most of you would say it's disrespectful- but she doesn't deserve the title. Felix was my step-father, and to say I didn't like him would be an understatement. After my dad killed himself when I was 14 Selena re-married. I could tell she ain't love my daddy as much as she said she did, they grew apart and she started to see someone else. I have some resentment towards her for that, she did my daddy wrong, but it is what it is. My mom and Felix been married for 2 years and it doesn't seem like they getting separated anytime soon.

I bought the remaining things inside and went off to explore the rest of the house. It looked like one of those homes off a horror movie, for real. It was cold and it smelled of mildew, I don't know what the hell Felix and Selena was thinking. The rooms upstairs gave me an eerie vibe, I don't know what it was- it just didn't feel right. I took the room closet to the staircase, just in case I had to run or something; who knows.

I made my way downstairs to dinner after I unpacked the rest of my things.

"You know I don't eat this crap Selena." I looked at the ham that was set in the middle of the table.

Felix slammed his glass cup on the table after sipping it then glared at me. "I'm gon' need you to stop calling your mother by her first name, you hear?" His country accent was thick and it echoed throughout the house.

I scoffed, "I didn't get the memo that said you can tell me what to do. Last time I checked your name wasn't on my birth certificate."

"You right there ain't no memo. Yo daddy blew his brains out and I'm here now, so stop being an ungrateful little bitch."

The anger, the fiery, that I felt in my body was unbearable. I flipped the ham off of the table and made my way back upstairs.

"Are you serious Felix?" I heard Selena say to him.

I slammed my bedroom door as hard as I could so they could feel how angry I was. But soon my anger subsided into sadness, and that- turned into tears. I touched the picture of my father when a rush of coldness entered my room. I didn't think of it until I heard a sudden breathing, I felt it on my face and that's when I got scared.

"Daddy?" I whispered, "are you here with me?"

The breathing got heavier and closer-so close, I felt it going down my neck. I then felt someone sit next to me, the imprint on the bed was clear and that was enough for me to run out of the room. I ran down the stairs and into the dining room with my hand clenched to my chest.

"Are you alright?" Selena asked.

"Someth--" I cut myself off, scared I might sound crazy. "I'm fine."

"Did you take your pills?"


"Well then maybe you should do that."

"Whatever." I mumbled. I refused to go back into that room, so for the remainder of the night I stayed in the living room.

* * *

I woke up the next morning and thought back to what happened last night. Was that a dream? Was I hallucinating? Nah, I couldn't have been. I have ADHD, and I don't take my pills because of the hallucinations. ADHD pills are not supposed to make you see shit that ain't there, that's why I don't take them. I swallowed my fear and made my way back up to my room. It was almost 8 in the morning which meant Selena and Felix were still sleeping. I peeked my head into the bedroom door and entered when the coast was 'clear', I guess you can say. I snatched the clothes I had planned to wear from my dresser quickly and went back to the door when it slammed viciously in my face. I fell back onto the floor in fright when a white mist started to transform right in front of my eyes. I pinched myself multiple times to make sure I was just dreaming, but I wasn't- it was real. I jumped into my bed under the covers, since there was no where else to go.

"Lord I know I committed some sins in my lifetime but please, it ain't my time- I'm only 16, please." I cried to myself.

The covers were snatched off of me when a teenage boy about my age appeared at the foot of my bed.

"Who the fuck are you?" I jumped up from my bed, "how you get into my damn house?"

The boy looked behind him, then back to me.

"Nigga I'm talking to you."

The boy was about 6 feet tall, lightskinned, blonde hair but I can tell that he had dyed it that color- and a nose ring. "You can see me?"

"Duh nigga, now what you doing in my house?"

"Oh shit." He said to himself, then suddenly appeared on my bed. "Can you see me now?"

"Yes, I can still see you."

"What the fuck."


"I'm a ghost."

* * *

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