Seventeen: Dealing With the Aftermath

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Helena's eyes fluttered as she woke up, sitting up in the bed. She looked around the room, remembering the events of the day before. She found Evie and Mal in their beds with Carlos and Jay on the floor in front of their beds. Hector was the only one missing from the room.

"Guys," Helena called out to them, all of their heads turning in the direction.

"Oh my God, Helena!" Evie exclaimed, running over to the girl and wrapping her arms around in a tight hug. "Oh, thank goodness you're alright."

Helena chuckled, returning the hug before finding herself unable to breathe. "Evie, I can't breathe." The blue haired princess released the brunette princess, but still kept an arm around her shoulder.

"How long was I out?" The daughter of Hades asked, Mal and Jay sitting down on the edge of the bed in front of her while Carlos sat on on the other side.

It was the dark fairy that answered her question, "More than 12 hours."

Helena was shocked to find out how long she slept. "Wow. Remind me never to shadow travel long distances like that ever again."

"Are you alright, Hells?" Jay asked, genuinely concerned fro the well being of his best friend.

"I could do with some food... and sunlight."

Mal smiled, "Let's go then."

The five best friends quickly freshened up themselves before leaving the room. They walked through the halls of Auradon Prep, wearing the VK clothes that Evie made. It was complete once again, all the spaces filled once again.

People looked at them as they walked by, but the children of the infamous villains held their heads high and ignored their looks. They were surprised to see them back in Auradon once again, and were curious as to what exactly has been happening with them lately.

As the group was entering the courtyard, the son of Adam and Belle. "Ben," Mal muttered.

"I heard you guys were back," The king muttered, surprised to see them all back in Auradon. And he knew that if they were all here, then something happened that he clearly didn't about. And when Ben's eyes met Mal's, the dark fairy was the first to look away, and sidestepped to Helena for comfort.

"H-How are you feeling?"

The Underworld princess shrugged her shoulders, "We've been better."

"Ben, there you are. I've been meaning to talk to you about the Cotillion," Jane said as she approached the king, looking down at her tablet. But when she raised her head, "Oh and Carlos - Carlos! A-And Helena!"

"Uh, hi Jane," Helena muttered, skeptic of the girl's behavior. But Jane looked behind the Underworld princes at Carlos, who was shaking his head and telling the daughter of the Fairy Godmother not to say anything.

"Hey Helena," Jane replied nervously before turning to Ben, the two stepping aside to talk privately. The pair looked won at the tablet, "Look. This is the stained glass window we made for Mal. Isn't it beautiful? She's going to love it."

"Do you guys want to cancel?" Ben asked the villain children, who all stared back at them. But it was Mal's broken face that Ben noticed first.

A look of shock filled Jane's features. "Um, you know what, I can come back... like after you all talked about it. But really, really soon."

"No, no, no. Now is fine," Ben said to Jane before turning to the others, his eyes on Mal. "Do whatever you need to do."

Mal nodded her head before joining Helena and Evie, Ben and Jane walking away.

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