Paradox chapter seven. (New Character)

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Chapter seven

~Robin's Point Of View~

Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. Soon summer had passed and autumn, not a day went by that I didn't think about Falcon. About his black raven hair, his soft lips, his cool skin and the way my heart bet uncontrollably around him. But then I remembered Matt and his love for me and his devotion and loyalty. He never even looked at another girl for more than a minute. I loved him too though. At least I think I did?

When I thought about him I smiled and I loved his humor, his style, his comfort. I couldn't think of losing him. Wasn't that love?

I stared out of my window at the cloudy Ireland sky. It seemed darker somehow. I could hear Paul and Yvonne downstairs watching the news. They were happy and in love. I was envious but at the same time scared. People in love tended to get hurt around me....and I let it happen.

Matt honked his horn to alert me of his arrival and I grabbed me iPod and bag before bounding down the stairs and running out the door. I locked the deadbolt, my unconscious habit, and then climbed into the passenger seat of Matt's car.

He smiled and kissed me Hello. I kissed him back but only for a second. He didn't seem to mind and drove on to school. We separated to go to our lockers and when we did I felt a little relief. Looking at Matt I felt a wave of guilt wash over me. I had technically cheated on him with Falcon, even if it was only about fifteen minutes and I coveted him too, even now.

I also felt bad because we had been dating just over a year and we were almost eighteen so, of course, Matt was having thoughts about taking out relationship to the next level. I gulped at the thought 'Sex'.

With Matt, my best friend slash boyfriend who I loved, I think, and couldn't lose. But, still, sex was sex and was it really the right thing to do?

My thoughts were interrupted when cool hands clasped mine.

"Hey Ronnie" I said. Ronnie was the nickname I had given Veronica because she thought her name was too long. Over the year we had grown closer, like sisters, though she couldn't replace Cindy in my heart just as Matt couldn't replace my older brother Jack.

"You do know that Matt wants in your pants right?" she asked. I nodded, of course I did. I examined her outfit; funnily enough we had worn the same thing, black hoodie, blue jeans and black converse. I smiled at her and she returned it. I grabbed my books and we walked together to my next class. English was a class I now dreaded along with all my others. The problem was I was acing all of them, every last one, because there was no one to distract me. That no one being Falcon of course, I thought to myself as we came to the door. I hugged Ronnie and walked into the classroom. I looked at Matt who winked at me and I smiled but then I glared at the empty seat next to mine. Why was he always in my head? Everything I did reminded me of him somehow. When I was brushing my teeth it made me think about how white his were, when I was showering it made me think of the first day I met him when he was dripping wet in his shirtless glory and when I was cleaning around the house I stumbled across the old green yoyo he was playing with and that brought back memories of our first kiss. I really was a terrible girlfriend through and through. I sighed and devoted my attention to the stupid lesson about William Shakespeare's "The taming of the shrew".

The classes blurred by and I would have scream 'thank you god' when lunch finally arrived but I was too tired. I was munching on an apple while Ronnie was telling me about this guy Tony she went to a movie with. Vampires Suck sounded really popular. She had just gotten to the part where Edward Sullen was leaning over Becca and she farted when Matt came over and asked "Can we talk?"

I nodded and he took my hand leading me away from the crowded lunch area to a deserted hallway. I was wearing gloves so I wasn't sure what he wanted to talk about but I had an inkling that it involved a bed and no parents around.

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