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It's already 12:00 am?

Mina sighed, lazily throwing her phone into her bag. She stayed with Momo for the meanwhile, considering Sana had to run back to work. Apparently she forgot her laptop in a place that wasn't at all secure. The second Sana realized that, she bursted through the door, not even caring to say goodbye.

"Aren't you going to leave soon?" Momo's voice cut cleanly through Mina's thoughts. The latter turned her head, shrugging taking another glance at the time. Not much has changed. "You should, it's getting dark and it might be dangerous."

Mina smiled, even if Momo couldn't remember, she was still as caring as before, "Dont worry about me."

"Hmm." Momo hummed in response, yawning right after. Mina sighed, standing up. She knew she wanted to stay but Momo did look exhausted and she too had to finish some untouched work.

"Actually, I'll get going. You need to rest too." Mina chuckled, pulling the blanket higher, over Momo's chest. The latter smiled cheekily, appreciating the affectionate gestures. "Goodnight Momo."

"Night Mina!" She giggled.


Mina knew she should've been home by now. She knew that if she had just gotten into her vehicle a few minutes ago, she probably would've been under mounds of pillows and she probably had bed sheets brush against her skin.

But she couldn't resist. As Mina walked out to the entrance, there was this one spot near her hospital that was highlighted by the moon. It was astonishing and my goodness, the girl she saw before, the girl who had given her wallet, she was standing in the midst of the light.

Like an angel staring up at the sky.

Mina was entranced. Never has she seen something this beautiful. For a moment, she forgot about her soulmate. She forgot about the dangers of being in love with someone she wasn't suppose to. For a moment,

She fell into this feeling of admiration.

For a moment, she fell in love.

"Hey." Mina's eyes flickered, shaking her head she was cut out of her trance. The smooth and husky voice squeezing itself into the Japanese woman's thoughts. The girl smiled, waving, "Weren't you the one that dropped her wallet?"

Mina cleared her throat, sounding as casual as possible. "Y-Yeah. Me apologize..?"

What. Me apologize? ME APOLOGIZE? Mina what are you doing to yourself. Stop being weird and just speak normally

"Me apologize?" The girl giggled, her hair blowing slightly as a breeze passed by. "Your adorable. Are you from around here? I've never seen you before."

Thank goodness she changed the subject.

"Actually, I'm Japanese. I came to South Korea to study abroad but turns out I'll be working here too." Mina chuckled, her nerves settling as she sees the other girl sit down on a bench. Shyly, Mina sat beside her of course with a reasonable distance between them.

"Ahh, that's why!" The girl smiled, "You didn't look from here at all. I must say, you're really pretty." At first, Mina thought the stranger was just joking or trying to ease the awkward silence but turns out the girl was serious.

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