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"Minghao-oppa~" Sunny sang as she entered the Pledis building.

Minghao was only a few steps in front of her and she was walking as fast as she could to catch up with him since he didn't stop.

"Minghao?" Sunny said, confused as to why he wasn't speaking.

"Mm." Minghao said, turning towards the girl.

"Are you alright?" Sunny asked.

He turned back around, walking into the practice room and shutting it. Sunny was confused to why he was acting like this. Was it because of Mingyu and her? She didn't know. She suspected that it was because of the new relationship that sparked between her and Mingyu, but she thought everyone was fine with it.

Sunny just walked past the room Minghao entered, continuing towards her separate studio. She threw her stuff down into her seat and paced back and forth.

"Why is he acting like this."

Sunny kept asking herself why. Ever since she came back from her trip to Thailand, Minghao became more and more distant towards her. She decided to leave her studio and go to the practice room, where everyone was.

"Minghao." Sunny said walking into the room, the straightest face she was wearing.

They looked towards the girl and were confused. Looking back and forth between Minghao and Sunny. The boy looked towards Sunny and stood up.

"Can I talk to you?" Sunny asked, walking out of the room.

After a few seconds, Minghao was out of the room and standing in the hallway with Sunny. He was still giving her a distant feel but he was a little scared of what she had to say. Sunny could get extremely angry when she wanted to be and this was one of those times.

"What's the problem Minghao?" Sunny asked, crossing her arms.

"There is no problem." He answered, avoiding eye contact.

"Yeah? Well the Minghao I knew always wanted to hang out with me and have fun. Now you try to hide away from me, avoid me." Sunny explained, trying to move to make eye contact with the boy.

He stared off, trying to ignore the girl as much as he could because he didn't want to hurt her feelings.

"Minghao, can you just tell me whats wrong?" Sunny asked, her arms moved to her side now.

"Maybe I can't." Minghao said.

"What do you mean? You haven't talked to me for a while now. You avoided me in the Star Road episodes, The only time you wanted to say something to me was when I was leaving for Thailand. You barely want to make eye contact with me right now!" Sunny yelled, tripping over her words from how fast she was speaking.

"I can't Sunny. Not right now." Minghao tried to stay as calm as possible.

Sunny leaned against the wall. Her arms crossed once again and she was just trying to process everything through her head. She ran her fingers through her hair and spoke again.

"Please. Tell me!" Sunny yelled again, frustration building up inside her.

"SUNNY, I LIKE YOU! I don't exactly know why or how I started to like you, but I do. You're beautiful, you're smart, your voice is amazing and I just can't stop listening to it. Honestly, this has been one of the hardest things I have done... trying to ignore you. I know you're happy with Mingyu and I really want you to stay happy, but my feelings haven't just stopped after that. I don't know what to do Sunny, I promised myself that I wouldn't but I just... I just like you!" Minghao let out everything, anything he held in from the start.

Sunny stood there, frozen in her spot. Shock filling her body as she stared at the boy who was just looking down at the floor. She watched as Minghao walked away, straight out of the Pledis building.

She heard the fans screaming, pictures being taken as Minghao stormed away from the building. Sunny was still in her spot until she heard the practice room door open.

Joshua walked out. He tried to talk to her but she never answered. When he tried to reach out for her, she just flinched away and tried to escape from anyone's touch around her.

It was like she feared everything around her. It was different seeing her like this. She wasn't speaking, eating, or trying to sleep for the rest of the day. She locked herself in her studio and just tried to think everything through, when she went back to the dorms she just stayed in her room and refused to eat.

Mingyu went in her room to check in her every now and then but she was in the same spot, doing the same thing. Papers out in front of her as she tried to finish something she started.

"I want to be left alone, please." Sunny said as she just shut the door, leaving her members outside of her room.

She didn't know what to do. Should she talk to Mingyu about what happened? Should she hope everything just blew over? Or should she go talk to Minghao? She didn't know.

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