John Edward

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John became king of England, two months after his father's death in 1547. He was recognized as King, but Serena was named Queen Regent and she would rule for John until his eighteenth birthday. As John grew older Serena gave him more and more power and taught him the proper way to rule a country and how to be a fair and just ruler.

 In the year leading up to his seventeenth birthday, John and his mother worked furiously to find him a bride so that he could produce an heir to the throne. They settled on almost seventeen year old Elisabeth of Leuchtenberg. She was the daughter of George III, Landgrave of Leuchtenberg and Barbara of Brandenburg-Ansbach-Kulmback. Elisabeth was pretty girl with brown hair, light eyes and fair skin. John fell in love with Elisabeth soon after her arrival. 

John had his father's charm and Elisabeth fell for him within months of her arrival

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John had his father's charm and Elisabeth fell for him within months of her arrival. They courted for almost a year. A few days after John's seventeenth birthday they were married in a lavish ceremony. No expense was spared for the King of England's wedding.  The wedding was huge, diplomats came from every country in Europe. Their wedding was truly blessed when nine months later Elisabeth gave birth to healthy baby boy named Richard. 

John was overjoyed with the birth of his son. He never expected to be so blessed. John showered his wife and son with gifts and attention. Serena doted on her first grandchild, he was a splitting image of her son. 

On John's eighteenth birthday he was crowned King of England and Elisabeth was crowned Queen Consort of England. The coronation ceremony was just as lavish as their wedding ceremony. They were dressed in matching white and gold attire. 

John and Elisabeth would have a happy marriage until Elisabeth's death in 1579. They had eleven more children after Richard; six girls and five boys. Their second son was born in December of 1556. Another son named Daniel in June of 1558. Their first daughter of six was born in August of 1560 and was named Grace. Their second daughter, Maria was born in October of 1562. The third daughter was born in December of 1564 and named Joan. Rose was born in September of 1566. Marie was born in February, 1568. Their final daughter, Alice was born in November, 1570. Their tenth child, James was born in July of 1572. David was born in November of 1574. Despite being advised to not have any more children, John and Elisabeth had their final child. Elisabeth gave birth to a stillborn son.

Giving birth to a dead child destroyed Elisabeth. She quickly became ill after the birth. John was by her side every minute, trying to make her better. In the beginning of June 1579 John buried his wife and son, who he named Thomas. Elisabeth was given a proper burial in Westminster. 

After the death of Elisabeth, John never remarried. He couldn't bring himself to marry another woman after he loved Elisabeth. He was heartbroken with the lost of his wife and son. 

John was able to make many reforms for England, most of them were good and benefitted England. His reign would be end in 1604 with his death at the age of 77. The people would call it England's golden age. His son Richard would become King two months after John's death at the age of 59. 

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