Chapter 13: Little Brothers

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After locking Woojin up, Jinwoo decided to check on the other ghouls in his lab with Seungmin by her side. She almost let out a loud gasp when the amount of ghoul bodies in the room shun her.

"So this is how he disposes the ghouls we capture..." Seungmin chuckled, shaking his head with a look of bitterness on his face.

Jinwoo turns to him with her eyebrows furrowed. "Have you guys captured one-eyes ghouls?"

"Not really... Your kind's hard to find."

The female ghoul squints her eyes. "But there are only one-eyed ghouls here?"

"What?" Seungmin rose an eyebrow. "I can recognize some of their faces. He captured dead, full ghouls."

So Jinwoo and Jeongin got it wrong. Woojin wasn't really doing research on one-eyed ghouls but he was just capturing any ghoul that gave him an opportunity or maybe he did add the half ghouls to his list.

"What should we do about them now?" Seungmin asked when Jinwoo became silent, thinking about everything that she got wrong.

"Let's see if they're alive."

Some of the ghouls have holes in them– Woojin already got their predatory organs and some are just really pale or more like already dead because of dehydration and starvation.

"I don't think anyone's alive," said Seungmin.

Jeongin just got really lucky.

"I think so too," Jinwoo agreed, nodding her head. "Let's just dispose their bodies then."

"They are a lot..." Seungmin slowly said. "Should we just feed them to Hyunjin's ghoul? Wait, is that possible?"

"I'm not sure. I think he'll be delighted though," said Jinwoo, thinking that Hyunjin's ghoul is cruel as hell that he enjoys cannibalism unlike her.

"Then let's just dispose those that are putrescent."

* * *

2 months have passed and there's sill no sign of Younghyun. Jinwoo still hasn't finished the book since Jeongin's father is also a busy body, he can't constantly translate Greek sentences for someone who he doesn't even ask any payment from.

Woojin and Hyunjin are still locked. They can't even initiate a normal conversation with any of them anymore. Hyunjin's too weak while Woojin specified everyone in his house as his enemy.

Jinwoo and Jeongin are training together inside the training room in Woojin's house. They've grown evidently stronger within 2 months, especially Jinwoo. They've grown thick skin. They're literally violating everything in the home owner's house rules.

She decided to stop training in the forest due to the incident with Changbin 2 months ago.

She's afraid.

"I envy you," Jeongin said through shaky breath as he fervently avoids Jinwoo's attacks.

"Why?" Jinwoo huffed as she successfully kicks Jeongin's thigh. He reacted with a grunt and he fell to his knees because of the impact.

Her hair's no longer white but it also didn't go back to her natural hair color, it turned to a dark shade of brown so she's now a brunette.

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