Small Town Secrets

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In a small town there are always secrets, but how bad can some secrets be? Some secrets Can destroy you, Some secrets can ruin you, but some secrets can kill you!

So Im not going to start this story with the same ol' LAME-O beginning.

This story begins with a girl named Carrie && her boyfriend Damien. They are a happy && cute couple totally in love, or so they think. So Carrie && Damien are on a date one night && having a good ol' time when all of a sudden her mother calls *RING RING RING* Carrie answers "hello? mom? whats wrong? STOP SCREAMING..." Carrie tells damien she has to go, he wonders why && all carrie can say is, she thinks somethings wrong. So damien gives carrie a ride home && The first thing she sees are cop cars all around her house. she jump out of the truck before it even stops...... she runs up to her house and sees her mom laying on a gurney, the officer sayed she is DEAD && those words keep echoing in my head DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! YOUR MOTHER IS DEAD! She screams and her dad is crying. carrie runs up to her dad and asks him what happened. her dad will not say what happened, he is keeping it a secret.


Carrie is on her way to school, she decides to walk today because she is still upset bout what happened lastnight. Damien is driving && sees her so he drives by her && asks her if she wants a ride. she says yes. so they go to school && deal with drama (of course like any other school) && then school ends && carrie && damien are supposed to hang out tonight since its friday but carrie just doesnt feel up to it, so she walks home and decides she is very depressed. she && her dad are watching television && she walks to the kitchen to get food, her dad walks in and says "sweetie i miss your mom so much why did she have to go?" then i say "i dont know dad, how did she die?" dad says "i dont think u should know" so i walk upstairs && burst into tears. I go into my dads toolshed and got one of his razorblades. ran into my bathroom && started to cut myself.... then damien calls, && i answer "hey damien. can we talk?" he answers"yes of course baby, u @ home?" i answer again "yes come now please" so he gets there and he rings the door bell *ring ring ring* i run downstairs && jump into damiens arms && burst into tears again and ask damien ""how do i deal with this?" he says "its just a part of life babe". Then all of a sudden my dad walks down stairs from his room and tells damien to leave now && i wonder why that is because damien and my dad used to be close as can be. *carrie remembers*


"dad" carrie calls

"yes dear?" dad answers

"can damien come over?"

"why yes he can, there is a football game on today"

"dad u cant take and make my boyfriend your bestfriend"

"im not i just like having a guy around"

carrie calls damien *ring ring*

damien answers "hello"

"hey damien you wanna come over today? ugh dad wants to watch football ith you & i wanna spend time with you"

"yeahh ill come over, but not right now i got some 'stuff' to do"

"okay well call me when u get done"

"okay bye"

"bye damien!"

carrie & damien hang up & carrie decides to go to her room and take a nap before damien calls back.

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