What now?

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Percy POV

Uh oh.
This isn't possible. I don't think, anyway. I doubt it. I'm dreaming. That's all. Annabeth sits up on the edge of the bed to (what looks like) process everything. I then pull the blankets up and over my head and I hide and try to dream myself somewhere else doing something else. Something preferably more fun.

I feel Annabeth shift on the bed and I can basically feel her glaring at me. I slowly pull the cover down form over my face with a cautious, scared look showing. Listen, I've never been good with words, but this is a whole new level of speechless. Trying to not say the wrong thing, I suggest, "Should we go and find out to be 100% sure?" I hear her sigh, "yes".

So off we went to the nearest convenience store. We found a CVS in downtown Rome. We walk in -and let me just say- we had no clue what we were doing, what we were even looking for, or where it even was. She stopped and looked at me and I gave her this look that read, "what now?". She urged for me to 'just follow her' and so I did. We ended up back by the baby diapers, which was right next to the pregnancy tests, which was right next to the condoms and birth control.


After buying 3 of the best kind we could find, we then proceeded to check out. On the way there I find these really cool blue candies that I HAD to get.

Annabeth POV

I'm supposed to be smart. The forgotten thing that lead up to all of this, was NOT smart. I kind of hope this is a false alarm. I mean yeah I do want a kid or two in the future with Percy, but not right now. We still have to get through college and all. Worst case scenario I end up pregnant, then I'll go through with it all of course, and Percy and I will find a way to plan everything out with college and raising our child.

Maybe we got lucky this time and I'm just coming down with a cold of the sort. Or maybe our lives will change forever. We'll just have to see what fate has planned for us I guess ...

Wow I actually updated guys... I'd say I'm sorry, but every true author does and plans out everything for a reason. Okay, maybe I'm a little sorry haha. Hope you guys were okay with this for now. There shall be more chapters coming soon ;)

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