Chapter 1

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I am so sorry if this story is boring when you first read it. Just keep reading it and I promise there will be so much drama.


**Hailey's POV**

It was the first day of 10th grade. I couldn't wait to see my friends. But the only problem was that I barely had any friends. All because of Nash and his stupid friends.

I have always been a really likeable person that explains how many friends I had. But ever since eighth grade I started loosing all of them because that's when they started bullying me.

I finally got out of bed and decided to get ready. I got changed and then put on a little bit of makeup.

I went downstairs to eat breakfast.

"About time, your ready! I was gonna leave without you." Nash said.

"Whatever Hamilton I could've went with Hayes." I said smirking since he just hated that name.

"Shut the fuck up!" He yelled causing me to flinch. His eyes must have softened once he saw the terrified look on my face.

I couldn't understand why he felt sympathy towards me. Especially since he was the first person in his clique to actually bully me.

We left for school, suprisingly he wasn't walking with any of his stupid friends. But he looked like he had something on his mind.

I walked into the school and saw Matt, Shawn, and Aaron waiting at my locker. They were Nash's friends but never bullied me.

"Hey guys!" I told them.

"Hi Hails!" Matt said in a high pitched voice.

"Umm.... Hails Nash and them are coming this way." Shawn said. I turned around and saw them. Shoot.

"Oh look it's the whore Hailey!" Cameron yelled. I then began to run away, but Taylor grabbed me.

"Awe where are you going sweetheart, the fun is just starting." Taylor said with an evil smirk.

"Guys pin her down!" Carter said.

"Hey Matt, Shawn, and Aaron never do anything let them do it." Jack J said. They all looked at me like they're about to cry.

"Well we're waiting!" Nash said impatiently. I looked towards him and saw that his eyes were filled with sadness and pain. Why?

The boys hesitated but soon Aaron walked over to me and mouthed 'I am so sorry' before he kicked me in my stomach.

Then Matt came over to me and mouthed the same thing before slapping me.

Finally Shawn kicked me in the shin.

All of them left and I was on the ground crying to myself. I can't believe they made Aaron, Shawn, and Matt actually hurt me like that. I started to feel more bruises start to form.

"Hailey?" I looked up to see Celia.

"Hi," I squeaked.

"Are you okay?" I shook my head no and she gave me a big bear hug. "C'mon lets go to first period."

I honestly love Celia so much. She knows how to cheer me up whenever I'm sad. She's pretty much my sister. We've known each other forever and we do everything together. (Shoutout to wheresthefoodat because i love her)

I stood up and we walked to our first period. Well Celia was helping me walk. But luckily none of the boys were in our first period.

Throughout the day they made Shawn and Matt and Aaron beat me up even more. But Celia was by my side the whole day defending me.

At least it was the end of the day. Once the last bell rang I grabbed my stuff and immediately ran home.

I was gonna pack my stuff and run away. It was only the first day back, but this time the beatings were worse than any other day.

I finally got home and ran upstairs. Then started packing all of my stuff. I heard a knock on my door and saw Hayes.

"Hailey where are you going?" Hayes asked. God will I miss him.

"I'm running away. Please don't tell Nash or Sky." I begged.

"But why?" he asked sadly.

"Because Nash won't stop bullying me, so I'm leaving. But I promise that I'll call and text you every single day." Hayes nodded and sadly left my room.

I decided to write a letter for Nash, Sky, and mom before I left.

I finally finished and went outside to see my best friend Kian waiting for me. I put my stuff in the trunk and got into the car.

Before you ask yes the Kian Lawley. We met a couple months ago because Andrea (let's pretend she lived in North Carolina) introduced us and we instantly clicked.

Andrea was my best friend, but then she moved to California because she wanted to focus on her YouTube career.

"You sure about this?" Kian asked.

"Yeah I'm sure. I just want to start over." Kian nodded and we left to the airport.

**Nash's POV**

I came home with the boys. I actually really felt bad that we were bullying Hailey. My twin sister. My other half. To be honest I don't even know why I started to bully her.

I have been thinking throughout the day and it just killed me to see her suffer through all the pain we gave her. I just want it to go back to how it was in 7th grade.

So I decided to go upstairs to her room. Her door was shut. I knocked on her door, but there was no answer.

I finally got into her room and saw that almost all of her stuff was gone. I looked on her bed and noticed three notes. One for me, one for Skylynn, and one for mom.

I opened mine and began to read it.

Dear Nash,

If you're reading this letter, you must've been looking for me. Anyways I moved out and won't be coming back for awhile. I am gonna be living with my friends that live in another state. I couldn't handle the bullying anymore. Please do not try contacting me at all because I won't answer. I know this was your wish so congratulations, you finally got it to come true. If we do see each other again, then just remember I will never forget what you have done to me. Even if I forgive you, I'll never forget about the daily beatings.


After reading the letter I was crying. I can't believe she left because of me. If only we never bullied her, she would still be here.

No I'm too late.

I went to the basement and told the guys. Matt, Shawn, and Aaron were about to cry while the other boys felt guilty and sad.

We all loved Hailey so much, but were all just jealous of her.

"So what're we gonna do?" Carter asked.

"We can never bully anyone ever again. No matter what," All the guys nodded in agreement and were satisfied with the plan. Hopefully none of us break this promise.

I just can't believe we bullied Hailey that much to make her move into another state. I really do hope she's okay.


When Nash told us that Hailey moved away, I was devastated.

I've had a crush on her ever since four years ago. But I knew she would never feel the same because why would she. All I am is a bully to her.


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First chapter done.

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