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Declan Mckenna - Paracetamol

Declan Mckenna - Brazil

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Scar Tissue

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Otherside

((mooood af))
(( I'm writing on my phone today which is really weird but also really cool like updates on the go - on the GOOO Queen sLAY))


- //4 months later// -


4 months. 4 months have passed since I fell out with Kayla, and to be honest, it hasn't really felt that long.

4 months have also passed since I met the man on the night of the Seattle concert, and I finally feel fully over it.

My life is back on track, going to work in the week, chatting with Jason, Mark and other customers, and spending time with my parents on the weekends. This is how my life is supposed to go, not crazy spontaneous midnight adventures with strangers.

I have gotten myself into an organised routine of early nights and early mornings, focused on earning money and saving it for when I find something I want to do.

I'm happy, life without Kayla has never been so easy. Admittedly, there are certain parts I miss, such as the ability to be able to vent to a girl friend who understands. When I think over it though, she was probably never even listening.

I hang my winter jacket up in the staffroom, a task that is fulfilled every morning of every week day and something that now comes with the feeling of dread for the long shift to come.

But not today.

I have been waiting for this day in my calendar for months. It is November 13th, the announced release date of One Direction's new album. I have been briefly keeping up with the band, looking at pictures from the tour on Twitter and mourning with the fans on social media after the tour had finished, but truth be told I hadn't really been as connected these past few months as I usually am when it comes to the band. The release of the new album though, is a big deal to me. A big enough deal to ask Mark if I can get off early today.

I work with a rushed patience, smiling politely at Mark who has seemingly brightened up over the past few months, and making small talk with Jason.

''Let me get this straight'' Jason laughs, ''Mark is letting you off early from work to go home and listen to One Direction's new album?'' Jason has his hand over his stomach, keeling over with laughter. I try to keep a straight, serious face when I reply to Jason.

''Yes he is, Jason Donnelly, now if you'll excuse me, I have a job to finish'' I push past him, allowing my straight face to break into a smirk as I pull a cloth out of the sink in preparation to wipe down the counters.

Jason turns around to face me.

''It must be a big deal then'' He giggles, ''He wouldn't even let me get off early to get a headstart driving to my girlfriend's house last weekend'' He half jokes, half complains, grabbing a cloth to join me in cleaning down the counters.

''That's because I am super nice and reliable and you constantly come in late'' I snicker, lifting various tins and pots up to wipe underneath their resting places.

''Not true!'' Jason scoffs, placing the tins and pots back down where they belong after I have wiped the areas clean, ''Only like six or seven times I guess'' He corrects his objection.

''Try twenty'' I smile at him, turning to face him with my hand planted firmly on my hip. Jason stops cleaning and stands upright, directly facing me. He stares at my face for a few moments before lifting his arms up and throwing his wet soapy cloth over my head.

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