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"Long time no see, Dubu." Sana said smiling.

Dahyun just nodded her head sighing. Tried to paid her attention to her notebook. When Sana already set herself on her seat, the lecture started. All eyes were now on whiteboard in front of them. Sana the new girl still kept her attention toward her book but her mouth spoke the otherwise.

"I miss you, Dahyun-a."

Dahyun huffed on her breath, and raised her right arm to the air callimg her teacher, "Excuse me, can I move to another seat please? I can't see anything from here."

The teacher nodded and playfully said, "Who want to sacrifice for ms. Kim?"

Yeri who paid her full attention to Dahyun turned her head to her seatmate as she felt someone poking her arm. When she turned her heads, she saw Chaeyoung clasping her palm into one in front of her face with her begging eyes. Yeri sighed, "What would I get if I move?"

"Uh.." Chaeyoung squinted her eyes thinking and widening it when she knew the best answer, "I'll have a date with you!"

Yeri chuckled at her seatmate's answer. She brought her two fingers raised and pushed the latter's forehead lightly. "You're so full of yourself." she shook her head and raised her right arm.

"Oh, another ms. Kim, I see. Ms. Kim, you can go to ms. Kim's seat." the teacher wriggling her eyebrow as he's confused at what he just said as both of them have Kim as their family name.

Dahyun packed her things and stood up from her desk got held on the wrist, "Did you have to go this far?" Sana whispered at her making Dahyun stopped for a second. Then, she brought her left hand holding Sana's hand on her wrist. Sana felt a little happy when Dahyun held her hand. But the fact is, Dahyun held it to moved Sana's hand from her wrist and went to Yeri's seat.

"I'm sorry, Yeri-ya." Dahyun said when she reached Yeri's seat.

"Your bestfriend insisted." Yeri chuckled and raised her both shoulder. Dahyun could only smile and sit on her new seat with her bestfriend.

"Yo, what was that?" Chaeyoung asked as soon as Dahyun had her new seat.

"Nothing." Dahyun shortly said and prepared all her books on her desk.

"Ey, don't lie to me!" she said whispered yelling afraid that the teacher would caught them but actually. He did.

"I allowed ms. Kim moved not to let you have a playful conversation there, ms. Son." he said with his low tone and wriggling his eyebrow.

"I'm sorry." Chaeyoung said staring down at her book for a while. Carefully, she took a glance at her bestfriend just to found her bestfriend paid her attention deeply into the lesson. Chaeyoung sighed and stared into the window putting her chin to her palm.


"I have practice today. What about you?" Chaeyoung said packing her things inside her bag. She can't say anything about what disturbed her bestfriend's mood few days ago. As Dahyun kept going silent and not saying anything.

"Me too. But, I'll just go home. I'm feeling not well." Dahyun said stretching her arms slightly.

"You okay?" Chaeyoung really is worry about the older girl now. It's rare to see Dahyun like this.

Dahyun chuckled and nodded her head, "Don't worry. Don't forget to walked Mina home, buddy."

It's been days I walked Mina home everyday since that day. It's already been a week now, and it's been days too, Dahyun being Chaeyoung's seatmate. Still, since Sana came to their class, Dahyun never told anything about it. While Sana, Chaeyoung knew that the girl tried to get close to Dahyun whenever she had the chance, but always failed to do so. As Dahyun always gave her the cold shoulder. Chaeyoung get worried each day at her bestfriend's behavior. Not eating lunch properly, being quiet, and paid attention to the lesson dearly. It was so not Dahyun. She took her phone and texted her captain in Taekwondo Club that she can't joined today's practice. She decided to tailed Dahyun and tried to let the older girl atleast let her emotion out.

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