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Aarav fell asleep in the back seat of his Jeep after we got to the hospital. I could feel Aniket staring holes into my head as I tucked Aarav's feet into the car. The six foot giant had to crouch in the elongated seat in order to fit properly.

Aniket sighs as I turn around, and scoops me up with both arms. I yelp in surprise as he adjusts me, gripping my waist gently.

"You take too many risks. I would have come back to you anyways." He says, eyes facing ahead as he climbs the hospital stairs.

"When? As a ghost?" I ask, my tone dripping with sarcasm.

"You saved me from the good guys, not Prakash." He says, clenching his teeth as he looks down at me.

Why was he addressing Pops by his name? Does he not know how much Pops had done for him? How could he be so ungrateful?

"Stop calling him that. He's your father."

"Father, my foot. He's been hiding that he's my uncle for all my life. No father should do that! And he only wanted my money, not me." What was he talking about? Has he hit his head somewhere?

"I don't understand, Aniket."

"He tried to kill me. Kanya tried to kill me. My best friend tried to kill me. Your the only one who hasn't betrayed me. You're all that I have."

I kiss him on the nose, and the mere action catapults me into a whole load of pain.

I wince, and Aniket looks concerned, lifting his eyebrows in worry. He smiles at me reassuringly as he climbs the last step of the stairs and enters my hospital.

"Just know that I will always find you, and that you're mine and wherever you go, you should remember that," I tell him, as seriously as possible while wincing in distress every few seconds.

"And you should know that even if I cross the seven seas, climb the tallest mountain, and travel around the world, I will always circumvent to you. Your my destination. Always." I smile at his cheeky response. "But I will have you know, that if anyone tries to take what belongs to me, I will fight to the death before I let it go." He says threateningly.

Did he mean Aarav?


He can't be seriously considering Aarav of all people as a threat.

I smile, trying to hide my laugh, but I crack up, throwing my head back and laughing wholeheartedly for the first time in four days.

I like that he feels jealous; it means his love for me is growing. But I hate that he's possessive of me. I do not belong to him; I belong with him. I reminded him this the day of our wedding, but because of his amnesia, I guess I have to remind him again.

"Aniket, you don't—

"I know, I don't own you. But that does not mean that I will let you be in front of prying eyes. I love you, Krithi. I feel lost without you. And I don't want to lose you to a scum like him." He sneers, walking in the direction of my office.

Wait a moment, how does he know where my office is? He's only been there once, when he came in for his fertility test. After his memory loss, he should not be able to remember anything.

Does he remember? He must, but I have to ask him things one at a time.

Not everyone can be a multitasker.

"That scum just helped me get you out." I sneer back, scrunching my face in anger.

"I'm telling you! I didn't need help. I was perfectly alright!"

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