Kara Danvers- Cat Grant (c)

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Rarely did you ever go to Kara's place of work. Although you had been in a relationship for well over two years, you'd barely been to CatCo ever. It wasn't that she wanted you hidden, you knew everyone that she worked with that she liked but there was never a reason to meet her at her office and she didn't want her boss to scare you away. Of course, you knew who Cat Grant was and even just seeing her on television and through Kara's stories, she terrified you.

Today the two of you were going out for a romantic dinner but the table booking meant you and Kara had to head there as soon as she finished work, so you were meeting her at CatCo to travel to dinner together. You were a little early but headed up to her floor. There you found her in the midst of a conversation with a blond woman whom had her back to you.

"Kara," you smiled as you approached her, standing by her side.

As you turned to look at the person Kara was talking to, you felt your heart drop. There stood Cat Grant herself with her signature grimace on her face.

"Hello," you said quietly, slightly starstruck and slightly terrified.

Cat looked you up and down taking in every detail she could. You felt vulnerable under her intense gaze, terrified she would find out a deep dark secret that even you didn't know about yourself.

"I'm sorry... and you are?" She frowned.

Although to anyone else you would state your name with a kind smile and continue the conversation but as this was Cat Grant, you were frankly terrified. Did she want to know your name? Or did she mean what profession you were in? Or did she mean how would you characterise yourself? You'd never been in a conversation with someone of her status, but you knew that it was unlikely she actually wanted to know your name, rather what good you could bring her.

"This is Y/N," Kara said as your saving grace. "She is my girlfriend."

Cat cocked an eyebrow at you. "Very nice Kiera."

"Umm... thank you?"

"Do make sure you get those papers to me by the morning Kiera, I do not like to wait," Cat demanded before turning on her heel and leaving without a goodbye.

The two of you stood in silence for a moment before Kara gave you a gentle apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry about her," she smiled. "You look lovely."

You couldn't help but smile at her as you leaned in to kiss her. "It's okay. You look gorgeous too."


Written by Charlotte.

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