26: New Home

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Scott smiled as Wesley ran around, what would be, his bedroom. The toddler gushed about how big the room was, only to gasp when he saw the view into the backyard.
"Isn't it?" Scott smiled, setting down a box that contained Wesley's bed covers. "Alright, buddy, I'm going to need Super Wes to come out and help me put the mattress on the bed frame and put the covers on."
Wesley nodded, "here I come!"

In the other room, Mitch was happily chatting with Kirstie and Kevin as they emptied boxes and set dishes and plates into cupboards in the kitchen. They all looked up as Scott and Wesley ran out of the bedroom, chasing each other with Wesley's toy swords. While Wesley wore his costume cape and eye mask, Scott was wearing a dark cape and had sunglasses on, as he was the villain in their game.
"Get back here!" Wesley called out, jumping onto the table. He hit Scott's arm and the blond dramatically threw his sword to the side and grabbed his chest.
"No!" He wailed, falling onto the couch. "Captain Wes, you finally got me! You defeated me!"
Wesley laughed and jumped onto Scott, earning laughs as he hit Scott with his styrofoam sword. "Feet! Feet!" Scott laughed and wrapped his arms around his son and kissed his cheek before gently tossing him onto the couch, causing Mitch to fondly shook his head at the two as he smiled.
"You boys be careful around that coffee table," Mitch warned. "We don't need another trip to the hospital,"
"That's the last thing we need," Scott replied, setting Wesley in his feet before making his way into the kitchen to help Mitch and their friends finish unpacking. "Is that the last box?"
Mitch nodded, "We have officially moved into our new home, with two days to spare before we get kicked out of the last!"
Kevin laughed, "This place looks incredible, guys. It's very homey,"
"Thanks man," Scott patted his back. "Wes and I finished unpacking his room. I think all that's left is decorating the nursery for baby number two, and finishing my soon-to-be office,"
"It's so crazy that you guys are having another baby," Kirstie gushed, "how many weeks are you, Mitch?"
"Three months," he smiled and rested his hand on his stomach. "My baby bump is starting to show,"
"It's the cutest thing I've ever seen!" Scott added, his arms around Mitch and his hands on his boyfriend's stomach. "I-"
"Dad! Daaaaaaad!" Wesley screamed from the livingroom, causing the four adults to look over. "Can I go outside?"
Scott nodded, smiling and walking over. "Let's go make a mess and play in the mud,"
Mitch rolled his eyes but chuckled as Wesley nodded excitedly. "Okay!"


Later that night, Scott had given Wesley a bath and tucked him into bed after dinner and was about to change to get into bed with Mitch, when the two heard Wesley's voice drift from down the hall.
"Was that Wes?" Mitch asked, sitting up.
Scott nodded, setting his shirt to the side and making his way to the hall. "Wessy?" He frowned at the sight of the sleepy eyed toddler. "What's wrong?"
"Scary.." Wesley mumbled in response as a pout covered his face.
"Did you have a bad dream? Oh buddy," Scott picked him up and carried him into his bedroom, Mitch looking over. "I think Wessy should stay with us tonight. After all, it is our first night here and the change might be scary for him,"
Mitch nodded and made room for Wesley on the bed. He cuddled his son close and when Scott returned from Wesley's bedroom, toys, books and a blanket in hand, he smiled at the sight of his boys in bed.
"What do you say to a bedtime story?" Scott asked, setting the items down before tucking Wesley in with his blanket and handing him his favourite stuffed bear. The toddler nodded and once Scott was in bed, it wasn't long before he fell asleep with his head on the pillow and his thumb in his mouth.
"He had so much fun today," Mitch started, gently taking Wesley's thumb out of his mouth. "He only sucks on his thumb when he's really tired,"
"He's such an incredible boy, Mitchie," Scott sighed, admiring the toddler. "I can't believe he's our baby boy,"
Mitch nodded, "isn't he perfect? I can't wait to see him as a big brother,"
"He's going to be incredible, I just know it." Scott kissed Wesley's head and got comfortable under their shared duvet. Mitch decided to keep the television running and by the time he got comfortable, Scott was already asleep with a protective arm around Wesley.
Mitch fondly shook his head at the sight as a smile returned to his face. Damn, he thought to himself as he admired his boys. How the hell did I get so lucky?


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