Chapter 1 *

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Chapter 1

Greg was standing over Abbey, the constant nudging at her side roused her; he looked irritated.

“Abbey get out of bed. I’ve got to go to the gym to meet my new boxer, I could make loads from this,” he told her.

She frowned at him, why did she have to get up; he was the one going to work. She didn’t get the chance to reply as he spoke again.

“I want this house cleaned from top to bottom, my mother’s coming later, so cook something nice,” his tone was harsh and business like. Even though she was his wife, he spoke to her as if she was one of his employee’s.

Abbey didn't answer him back, she knew better she got out of bed, and went to have a shower. She had been married to Greg for two years, and he had been the perfect gentleman. He was always paying her compliments, spending money on her taking her out; for meals, holidays, shopping, but since they had been married; it had stopped.

He had become distant, and cold always bossing her about, she hadn't stood for it at first, until he hit her that soon became a regular thing. She had to tell her mother she had fallen and hit her head when she saw the bruise once; she was too scared to tell the truth. She tried to justify his behaviour to herself, putting it down to the stress of being the biggest boxing promoter in the city.

Greg opened the bathroom door, "I'm going to work, bring me something for lunch, and don't give me that ham again it was disgusting."

Abbey smiled at him and picked her hairbrush up, "See you later."

Greg shut the door and went downstairs, and opened the front door; he unlocked his car and jumped in. Abbey sighed with relief that he was gone, she got back into bed, he would be gone all day, so she could get a couple more hours sleep it was only half seven and she was tired. She settled back into bed and went to sleep.

Abbey's phone started to ring, disturbing her from her sleep; she rolled over and picked it up. When she noticed the time, she felt sick it was twelve, and she had forgotten to set an alarm.

 "Oh shit," she grumbled.

She jumped out of bed, grabbing her clothes and running into the bathroom to splash some water over her face. Her phone was buzzing like crazy, she picked it up and looked at the screen; it was Greg.

“Hi babe,” she answered breathlessly.

"Where the hell are you, I thought I told you to bring me some lunch?" he snapped.

 Abbey ran downstairs quickly, and into the kitchen, she opened the fridge and pulled out some cheese. "I'm on my way, the vacuum wasn't working. I've been trying to fix it all morning, but I don't know what's wrong with it." She lied.

She could hardly hear him over the music and the sound of men in the gym working out, but she could tell by his tone that he wasn't happy.

"So have you done any cleaning?" he questioned.

She didn't bother to answer at first she was trying to think of something to say. She quickly made the cheese sandwich and wrapped it up, grabbing a bottle of coke from the fridge and running to the front door.

"I've done some." She looked around the living room before she left it was a mess again. Greg had people round every night drinking and smoking weed the house reeked of it, and there were bottles of beer everywhere.

"Just bring my lunch, and get back to that fucking house and sort it out!" he shouted, before slamming the phone down. She grabbed her keys and bag, and ran out of the house.

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