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Jealousy. It has somehow become normal for Sherlock to feel it now. He would never admit it, of course, not even to himself, but he knows deep down that he is jealous. He is jealous, jealous of the women that flirt with John, jealous of how close they are to him, jealous of their charm while he is just him, a high-functioning sociopath that loves to solve murders.

He often wonders why John stays with him. He clearly annoys the man. Sometimes, Sherlock is scared that John may leave him. Maybe to be with one of those dreadful women, maybe just because he is angry at him, but it scares him to think of John leaving.

Mentally yelling at himself for actually having feelings, Sherlock looks away from John and the waitress who are talking and stares outside the window instead. "I like your shirt, it really brings out your eyes." As the waitress says this, Sherlock barely keeps himself from quietly growling and only scoffs. John gives him an annoyed look that is ignored before answering. "Thank you, I also like what you are wearing, it suits you."

Sherlock rolls his eyes and grabs his things, quickly leaving. He hears John excuse himself and pay for the food in a hurry, putting a small smirk on his face knowing that he won't talk to the girl anymore. As John runs up to him, he hides his smirk and continues walking fast. Used to this kind of behaviour, John grumbles while following him. When Sherlock starts looking around their building though, John gets a little curious and worried. "Sherlock, what are you even doing?"

"Looking to see if anyone is here," Simply answers the detective, confusing John even more. After checking everywhere, Sherlock runs upstairs in quite a hurry for some reason, John following close behind in complete confusion. "What's going on?" When his and Sherlock's eyes meet, he freezes.

There is an animalistic glint in the black-haired man's eyes that makes him shiver slightly. It's a look that he has never seen before on his friend. But the worst part is that it excites him. He hides it well, of course, but not well enough for Sherlock to not realize. The detective chuckles in his head while taking a step closer to his colleague, which makes him take a step back.

Sherlock keeps taking small steps towards John who backs away until he feels the wall on his back, surprising him slightly since he hadn't realized he had backed up. Sherlock does not show any feeling though, only continues to take small steps towards his friend who stares at him lost. Soon, they are standing so close that they can feel each other's breaths.

They stare at each other, searching for something in the other's glowing eyes, before John glances at Sherlock's lips without even realizing. Sherlock sees it though and has to use all of his self-control to not do him right there and then, reminding himself that John isn't his. That thought makes him angry for a moment but it quickly disappears as he looks at John's lips.

He imagines how good they must feel around him but quickly stops himself before it goes any farther. "She gave you her number, didn't she?" John nods, knowing exactly who and what Sherlock is talking about. Sherlock's blood boils at the idea of John going on a date with her, so he growly quietly and destroys the paper she wrote on. John does not even react, but licks his lips at the other man's quiet growl.

He admits to himself that he feels this pull to Sherlock, that he wants the other man to finally kiss him, to fuck him. He wants to feel powerless, weak. So, as Sherlock looks deep in his eyes, he closes the gap between them, kissing the man who he thought was just a weirdo a couple of months ago.

They both close their eyes as they kiss, Sherlock's tongue licking the other man's lips, asking for entrance which John happily grants to him, both of them trying to remember every detail about the other's mouth. After a while, they separate for air and stare at each other with lustful eyes mixed with another emotion that neither of them knows.

"That... Was... Amazing," Says John, trying to breathe normally again. "Yes. I would like another if you don't mind," Says Sherlock seriously before hungrily kissing his friend, the kiss getting heated quite quickly. Sherlock puts his hands on the wall behind John, a small growl erupting from his mouth as they separate to breathe again.

Then, he starts attacking John's neck with his mouth, kissing, sucking and biting, making love marks all over his friend to show that he is his. John groans silently, surprised by Sherlock's enthusiasm but liking it. As the detective finds his sweet spot, John groans slightly louder and grips the taller man's soft black hair, tugging on it slightly.

Sherlock pulls away from the other man slightly just long enough to mutter a word. "Mine." But it's enough to make John feel even more turned on by the detective's possessiveness. As they kiss again, John doesn't realize they are moving until he hears a door close, realizing that he is in Sherlock's room. The dark-haired male licks his lips lustfully and starts taking John's shirt off.

He lets him and goes to take his pants off when Sherlock growls again, glaring at him as if telling him not to move. John gulps feeling his body react yet again to the low growl. He hasn't felt this needy since high school but he loves it if it's with Sherlock.

After taking all of their clothes off, Sherlock impatiently pushes John on his bed, crawling on top of him and kissing him hungrily, making John grin against him slightly. A low groan escapes Sherlock at the friction and he almost loses himself right then and there but somehow stays in control, stroking the other man's cock greedily and loving the sounds that he makes.

"Sherlock... Please," Begs John breathlessly, wanting the other man in him. This makes Sherlock look at him with eyes darker than usual as he flips the other man, having a perfect view of his perfect bum and wanting to take his right at that moment. He doesn't want to hurt him though and opens his drawer, grabbing the lube that he keeps there just in case.

He puts a lot on his hands and John shudders at the sound, knowing what's coming. (I know what's cuming later too, if you know what I mean!) Sherlock starts inserting a finger in John, loving the feeling of his finger in the other man's asshole. John moans loudly, ready for Sherlock.

It obviously wasn't his first time being fucked by a man, and that makes the other man wonder for a moment but he quickly gest back to reality for once and starts moving his finger slowly, adding another one and stretching John's tight warm hole. The ex-marine is a moaning mess beneath him, loving being the one controlled instead of having to control.

As Sherlock is moving three fingers in the other man's asshole a bit faster, he moves his other hand to John's dick and strokes it at the same time as his fingers are moving, making John moans so loud that it almost sounds like a scream.

"Sherlock!" Screams John as he suddenly cums all over the sheets and Sherlock's hand, neither of them caring at the moment as Sherlock licks his hand clean with a happy growl, taking his fingers out and putting lube on his hard member before thrusting into John greedily. The other man moves in rhythm with him as they both moan and groan out each other's names.

Sherlock feels the wave of pure pleasure coming and slightly bites John's shoulder, both of them cumming in a sweaty but perfect mess. They pant as Sherlock reluctantly gets out of the other man to get up.

"So, are we like dating now or something?" Asks John blushing slightly as he thinks back to what happened. Sherlock puts a hand in his sweaty hair so that it doesn't fall in his face and smirks, making the other man a blushing mess at his hotness.

"We are, John, I thought the whole "fuck you on my bed" made that obvious," Answers Sherlock calmly. John nods happily and gets up too, going with him in the shower to clean up and do... Other things.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed that! It was my first smut, so tell me what you think in the comments and if you liked it, you can also tell me what to do better since I'm obviously far from perfect.

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