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" I'm gonna kill that woman! I can't go near Jennie because of her! "

" Chill dude! She's a girl, you just can't beat her up. "

" Or can I? Thank you for the idea Chan! "

" Yah! Kai! What are you planning?! " Chanyeol shouted to get Kai's attention back but failed.

" Sorry, but you have violated a rule " Rosé came to him shyly.

" Did I? I'm sorry, you can take me " he said flirtatiously. Which the church girl failed to notice.

Chaeng was about to talk back when Jisoos appearance became visible,

" Is he bothering you again babe? " it all went well for ChaeSoo but the didn't tell anyone yet, even their best friend, well maybe except for Lisa since she knows everything but also except with her feelings towards Jennie.

" Babe? Wtf? " Chanyeol voice it out loudly which gain attention from the other students.

" You? Her girlfriend? Are you dreaming? " he said laughing.

" What if I am? " Jisoo now is irritated.

" What if no? " he is picking an argument from Jisoo, well actually they are not really in a relationship yet, but Jisoo being friends with Jennie she claims Chaeng too like how Jennie claims Lisa.

Jisoo became quite since what Chanyeol said was true.

She was about to say something but nothing comes out from her mouth, which made the other guy mock her.

" See? You can't even aswer me bac— "

" She's my girlfriend " Rosé announced which made some cheering from the other student.

" Yahh. I know you're friends with her Ms. Park, stop defending he— "

" I am not defending a friend here Mr. Park. It is my G I R L F R I E N D we were talking about. " Chaeng once again declared proudly which made the guy leave in annoyance.

While ChaeSoo and JenLisa are celebrating with happiness, the other two were planning something towards Lisa.

" Man count me in "

" There we go! " he then hug his friend.

7:30 PM


I am now walking on my way to the parking lot. I know it's kinda late, only if I wasn't lock in that stupid rest room.

I am walking quietly when I felt some gazes at me, more likely 9 pairs of eyes.

I wasn't raise to be an agent just to let my guards down.

I am sure any moment now something good might happen, well for me.

I can hear quite footsteps coming their way to me.

I stop and smirk, dumb people nowadays.

I turned my head and smirk,

They stop at the dim part of the building.

I took off my bag and put it aside, folded my long-sleeved up and loosen my tie. I am stretching then said.

" Who will go first? "

" Stop being confident girl, this will be the last time you'll stop me from getting Jennie. You should learn your lesson "

Lisa knows that voice. She laugh fakely.

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