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IT TOOK A FEW MINUTES FOR THAT TO settle in. Then the other Hephaestus campers started asking questions all at once. Who were the other four demigods? How long would it take to build the boat? Why didn't everyone get to go to Greece?

"Heroes!" Chiron struck his hoof on the floor. "All the details are not clear yet, but Leo is correct. He will need your help to build the Argo II. It is perhaps the greatest project Cabin Nine has ever undertaken, even greater than the bronze dragon."

"It'll take a year at least," Nyssa guessed. "Do we have that much time?"

"You have six months at most," Chiron said. "You should sail by summer solstice, when the Gods' power is strongest. Besides, we evidently cannot trust the wind Gods, and the summer winds are the least powerful and easiest to navigate. You dare not sail any later, or you may be too late to stop the giants. You must avoid ground travel, using only air and sea, so this vehicle is perfect. Jason being the son of the sky God ..." His voice trailed off, but Kyra figured Chiron was thinking about his missing student, Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon. He would've been good on this voyage, too.

Jake Mason turned to Leo. "Well, one thing's for sure. You are now senior counselor. This is the biggest honor the cabin has ever had. Anyone object?"

Nobody did. All his cabinmates smiled at him, and Leo could almost feel their cabin's curse breaking, their sense of hopelessness melting away, "It's official, then," Jake said. "You're the man."

For once, Leo was speechless. He'd found a home and a family. He'd found a job to do. A purpose, "Well," Lep said at last, "if you guys elect me leader, you must be even crazier than I am. So let's build a spankin' hot war machine!"

Afterward, Kyra led Jason deeper into the woods, "You're not bringing me out here to kill me, are you?"

Kyra smiled back at him, "No, of course not. I just don't want the other campers to freak out."

"It's going to get dark soon. Is it safe to be out here?" Jason asked,

"Trust me." Kyra replied, grabbing his hand, "It's cool, I promise." Soon, they walked into a clearing and the sun had started to set,

"Dinner will be soon." Jason told her,

"Don't worry. I've got that covered." Kyra brought him over to a blanket that was laid out on the ground and she sent a silent thank you to the children of Aphrodite for setting it up.

"Wow." Jason smiled, seeing the light bulbs that hung from the trees and the fruit that was placed in the basket that was on top of the blanket.

Kyra took a step towards him, only about an inch or so between the two, "Watch this." Kyra gave him a wink before opening her palm, revealing a ball of light. She blew on the ball, causing it to separate into small spheres of lights before floating over to the light bulb's and turning them on.

The two stared up at the sky, watching the lights as they twinkled. Kyra shifted her eyes from the lights to Jason. She smiled, looking at the small scar on his lip. Thalia said it was because he tried to eat a stapler when he was young. Kyra wondered how many other silly stories like that were trapped in his memories.

Jason glanced down at her and noticed her blue eyes were already on him. He began to think of all the times she was there for him in the past couple of days. She put her life on the line, more than once, all for him. She was there to comfort him.

"You're amazing, Kyra Pafford."

She smiled up at him, "You're amazing, too, Jason Grace."

Jason reached out, pushing a piece of hair behind her ear before resting his hand on her cheek. He leaned down towards her and Kyra quickly went up to meet him. Their lips met and the lights around them glowed brighter until the glass burst.

Kyra pulled away and laughed, "Sorry. Guess I need more practice."

The two sat down and Jason grabbed a strawberry from the basket, "It's pretty impressive what you can do already."

"Well, I am the only child of Apollo that can do what I do. But, enough about me." Kyra sat up straighter and grabbed his hand, "You've been getting your memories back, right?"

"Piece by piece, yeah." Jason ran his thumb over the back of her hand, "Why?"

"I want to know all about you, Jason Grace. The Jason Grace that tried to eat a stapler when he was a child or the one that was brought to a Roman camp in San Francisco. The Jason Grace that... slew the Trojan Sea Monster," Jason smiled at her words, "Toppled the black throne of Kronos. I want to know the real Jason Grace."

Jason leaned forward and kissed Kyra softly once again, "Well, what do you want to know?"

Kyra seemed to think about it for a moment before laying down on the blanket and tugged Jason to lay down with her. With the lights now off, they could see the stars that shined above the camp.

She looked over at Jason, "What's your favorite color?"

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