Chapter 3

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Kia POV:

Miles had dropped me off with a simple nod, his eyes were laced with expectations and I knew what he was thinking.

Get in there and don't screw up.

Classic Miles.

I got out of the dark black car, the company had a few of these tinted window monsters, it made us look more important than we actually were and clients loved the classy looking vibe they gave off.

Not that it mattered in this neighborhood, did Mile's really get the right address? I looked left and right down the simple side street, this place was definitely low on the food chain. How did they hope to pay for me? Maybe I was a birthday present for someone... That's happened before.
I shrugged and readjusted my grey hoodie, making sure I looked the part. At least I wasn't wearing a tux anymore, those things are a bitch to keep clean. Walking up to the apartment building I stepped inside, glancing back to see Miles take off down the street before I went up the stairs.

Apartment 16

That's what they said. It took a while climbing some stairs and trying to figure out where the doors where before I was finally there. Once I was standing outside it I took a deep breath and knocked, unsure what i would find on the other side of the this door. At least I knew his name if there was a group in here, groups were so dangerous to work in. I recalled one night in a Villa in Spain I wished I could forget and shivered before shoving it into the back of my mind.

Not right now. I have to work. I can't think of that right now, stay alert.

So I put on my best game face, held my bag of tricks in my right hand tighter and prepared for an interesting evening.

Tyler's POV:


He's here!! What do I do!? He's already here that was way too fast!

I'm still in my fucking pajamas!!

I was freaking the fuck out.

Legitimately scared shitless.

This was a massive mistake! I didn't mean it! I take it back!

I ran around like a headless chicken for a matter of maybe three minutes before I grew a set and decided to open the door. All this activity, it made me feel so sick and i already felt sick today. My head swirled around dizzily, I shouldn't have done this, it was a huge mistake. A giant rash spur of the moment decision I hugely wish I hadn't made!

With shaky breaths I opened the door and all regrets went out the window.

I faced one of the most gorgeous people I've ever seen. He smiled down at me and my resolve shattered right there. I stared up at him with my big idiot eyes like a deer in the headlights when I was hit with his natural musk, his dreamy styled hair and perfect height and build...this was the best decision i ever made.
This man was beautiful. A set of intelligent stunning eyes were locked on me and I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out.

"Hi, I'm Kia from Timeless, may I come in?" He asked in a voice so tantalizingly delicious I could almost taste it.

"eh.." was all I managed to squeeze out of my stupid marshmallow form.

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