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" Grab lunch with me? " Jong-In never failed to invite me every lunch time which I find annoying. 2 days straight but it felt like forever since Lisa is acting strangely, strangely by means of acting like a real bodyguard now.

I tried talking to her but she declines my request, she keeps on saying that it is not part of her duty.

Just like at this moment, if nothings wrong then maybe she'll stop me from coming with Jong-In, but she's just stading there talking with Rosé (which I hate of course) and just look after me from afar.

I get upset with myself after thinking how stupid I am for saying it to her knowing that she's new to these stuffs.

" Hmm " I hummed thinking.

" Finally! Come on Jen! " I was surprised when Jong-In held my wrist and pulled me happily and pass by Lisa and Chaeng.

I can see confused look in Lisa's eyes. But instead I let this guy drag me in cafeteria, maybe after this he will stop bothering me. Just this once.

We sat on a free table,

" What do you want to eat Jen? It's on me " He is grinning.

" I'll have vegetable salad " I replied shortly.

" Okay. Wait for me here! " He then turned his back and star to walk away.

" What do you think are you doing? " I was surprised with voice. At the same time happy and nervous, like a child got caught stealing a candy.

" I ah— Lisa " I don't know what to say. Her Aura is no joke, like she could kill me now.

" Get up " she ordered.

" But Jong— "

" Get up or stay with him. Your choice " she then turned and walk confidently on her way to the exit.

I can see Jong-In ordering for my salad, but I just can't let Lisa go again. I don't get it, I'm the boss but I'm the one who is following her.

I then stood up and run after Lisa. She's already walking at the halls, I run close to her and went slow to follow her pace.

" Why are you avoiding me? " I asked her, I know this is the right time to talk with her since she approached me first.

" I am n— "

I stop walking that made her to stop too.

She look at me, while me I'm glaring at her,

" Don't you dare say you are not because you are fucking doing it! " I shouted since I know there were no students in the hall, they are all busy in our cafeteria.

" I don't know what you are talking Miss Kim "

" No Miss Manoban! " this is the time that I will use my authority over her. I had enough.

" I demand you to tell me if what is your problem with me, you just fucking call me Miss Kim and I told you not to be formal! You keep on avoiding me when I want to talk with you. You're not even stopping that Jong-In when he's around me! You should look after me! You're messing in my head Manoban and you tell me you don't know? I am even violating the rules of the school to no running because I am chasing after you, and now you made me scream out of frustration, then you will tell me nothing? Bullshit! " there I said it all I can't take this any longer.

After saying those, Lisa just held my wrist and continue walking until we get in the car, she turned on the machine but didn't move.

I am still upset with her bevaior.

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