Author's Note (MUST READ)!

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So... it's almost a year since I have last updated this story and I keep seeing updates in wattpad that many of you wanted me to update and continue this story; however, honestly, I really don't have the motivation anymore to continue writing this story. I still have the initial plot and the flow of the story somewhere at the back of my mind but it seems that I just couldn't get any inspiration to continue this anymore. To add up some info., I've started this story back in 2014 and the flow of the updates were really slow and I feel like I'm dragging the story and it seems getting really boring (for me) despite the positive feedbacks I get from you saying that the story is nice but I just can't seem to find any motivation and inspiration to continue this story. I'm not saying that I'm discontinuing this story because this story has been with me for so long and it's too precious if I were to delete this from my list. But I'm also not intending to give you false hope that I would continue this story because probably somewhere at a point, I might reach to a decision of discontinuing this story. I still don't know when I might be able to give some little update but I' going to inform you if ever I'll stop this story.

I'm so sorry for not keeping my words but things just won't stay the same and the motivation in doing something definitely changes over time. Again, I apologize to all my avid readers and supporters for still continuing and reading my story and I really appreciate your love and support. I hope you would consider my decision and hoping that one day I'll be able to give you the kind of story you want to read. Hopefully that time will come.

This will not mark the end of my journey in writing stories but this will serve as a foundation of my motivation to keep going and producing future stories.

I hope that I won't fail you all the next time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything guyyss!!!

You made this journey a fulfilling one!

Please don't hope that I'll be leaving this but please do hope that I'd come back and write much better stories one day for you all.

I'm sorry and Thank you all!

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