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Beauty's Pov
I was tired, but alive??? I didn't understand how it had happened but my eyes opened and I could move. I could've sworn...Ben! I had to get to Ben make sure he was okay. I turned to my left and there he was...different. To say the least his eyes, well they weren't really there anymore. He seemed to be crying, but the tears falling weren't water. They were blood. I panicked and tried to get away from him but I seemed to hit a wall. My biggest worry was that if he looked like this what did I look like?
Ben's Pov
I looked over to see Beauty backing away from me. Why was she doing that? More importantly how am I alive? My head was pounding, I had so many questions and no answers. I was confused dazed and it was a little harder to see than what I was used to. I decided I should ask my sister why she was trying to get away from (it was the only question I could get an answer for) "Beauty? What's wrong? Why are you trying to get away?" She slowly raised a finger to point at my face
"Your eyes" She whispered "They're gone" Instinctively my hand reached up towards where my eyes were - or rather had been - and I felt something slightly sticky on my face I looked back at my hand and- I gasped "Blood..." I didn't know what to say or do so I just sank down to the floor, my head in my hands wishing I could be back to how I was back to normal.

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