✨It Takes A Village ✨

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"Amazing gracceee how sweet the sounndd. That saved a wretch like meee. I once was loooosstt but now I'm found." I walked out of the shower and saw him rocking Kai and singing to him. I went and got Kai then kissed Jamal.

"I love you." He said and I smiled and cleaned Kai up and changed his clothes.

"Can you put him in his carrier so we can go." I told him and handed Kai back to him. He put Kai in the seat and I grabbed his bag and we got in the car. I sat in the back with Kai and I rubbed his tummy. He was whining and his head was still burning up.

"Jamal can you hurry up." I said feeling anxiety fill up in my stomach. Tears fell down my face looking at my baby. He sped up and we got to the hospital fast. We got out of the car and hurried him into the urgent care.

"Okay ma'am can you and your husband hurry back here." She said and we hurried to the back and I sat on the bed and unstrapped Kai.

"Ma'am hold him and we will work on him while you're holding him so that he can be calm." She spoke and I nodded holding Kai as they took his temperature and gave him an IV.

"Aww baby don't cry." I said as he balled when they put that IV in his hand. I kissed his forehead and rocked him slowly.

"You should call Frank." He said and I smacked my head thinking about how stupid I was. I forgot to call his daddy damn. I found his contact and called Franklin.

"Wassup Seven everything alright? I haven't seen you here." He said and I heard giggling in the back ground.

"No everything isn't alright. Kai is really sick and we are at urgent care." I informed him and he hung up on me. I put my phone down and Jamal was looking like he wanted to know what was said.

"He hung up." I said and he nodded. We sat there in silence for a while and it was peaceful. But the anxiety I had was not going away. I was bouncing my leg nervously.

"Calm down baby." Jamal said rubbing my leg and I stopped shaking it. He leaned towards me and kissed me. Then I closed my eyes to calm down.

"Hey Seven what's wrong with him?" I heard so I opened my eyes to see Franklin with a panicked look.

"We got it under control bruh. They running some tests." Jamal answered for me but Frank had this rude ass look on his face.

"I could have sworn I was talking to my baby mama." He said and I sighed shaking my head.

"I'm just trying to help. She is my girlfriend and I been here." He defended himself and I just couldn't bring myself to stop this.

"Okay well I'm here now so you can go." Franklin demanded loudly and that made Kai start to cry. I looked up with pleading eyes for them to stop. Jamal stood up and put his hands up. He kissed me and then pushed past Frank.

"I'll be out here in the waiting room." He said then walked out the door and I looked at Frank with a death glare.

"You got that man in here before me like That's his son. So stop looking at me like that."  He said and I didn't say nothing. I just didn't have the energy to say anything.

"Ms.Williams, your son is gonna be fine he just has the stomach flu. We want to keep working on that fever and then he will be okay to go home." The doctor came in and said quickly. The nurse came in and gave Kai a shot and he cried and I cried.

"Let me hold him so you can get a break." Frank said sitting on the bed. I handed Kai to him and he laid in his arms like he knew it was his daddy. When I saw the way Frank looked down at my baby I felt all the anger I had melt away.

"Ion know how I love him so much. All I want to do is make him happy." He said and I smiled looking at him and he had a tear in his eye.

"I felt the same way when they put him on my chest after he came out." I told him and he laughed looking up at me.

"I'm gonna step out for a minute." I said and walked out the room. I went into the waiting room and sat beside Jamal.

"Thanks for keeping your cool baby. He just having a hard time adjusting." I said kissing his lips. He grabbed my hand and squeezed it. He grabbed my chin and kissed me a couple times.

"Nothing will separate us. I feel him but he needs to respect me because I been here." He said looking in my eyes. I nodded and kissed his lips again.

"Okay baby, I'll talk to him." I reassured him and he nodded at me. I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. I just thought back on all that has occurred in the past few weeks. I really feel like shit but it's nothing I can do about the past all I can do is try to change. All of this never would have happened if I would have just told everyone the fucking truth. But I just was so scared, scared of what people would think, say or how they would feel about me.

"Seven they said he can go home." I heard Frank's voice. I opened my eyes saw that he was holding him and some papers.

"They gave us some medicine to help him keep the fever down. Can you guys come and stay at the apartment with me so that I can help you?" He asked and I looked to Jamal.

"I mean its cool with me but I think we need to have a conversation first." Jamal said and Frank looked apprehensive but he shrugged and handed me Kai. They walked outside and I stood in the waiting room and looked around. Ion know what to do with myself.

Jamal's POV

We walked outside and looked at each other. I sighed and looked at him. I tried to find the right words so that I wouldn't upset the situation.

"I know when you were away Seven neglected to tell you she was pregnant. She kept the child away from you and your family and it was wrong and I'll be the first to say it. But I'm here to support her and I love your son." I said a mouthful and he nodded slowly and looked away like he was thinking about what I said. He looked at me after a while and I saw hurt in his eyes.

"I know you a good dude. I just want to have my son all to myself but I forget you been around. So you deserve to be apart of his life."  Frank said reaching his hand out and I shook it. He pulled me in and I patted him on the back. We can raise this child together. They do say it takes a village to raise a child maybe that's true.

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