Chapter One: Yoghurt

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It was Saturday morning and I was supposed to be sleeping in but Natasha Romanoff thought otherwise. She threw my door open, marched in and tore open my curtains, spilling annoyingly bright sunlight into my room and eyes. I pulled the covers over my head with a groan, feeling the bed sink slightly where Natasha sat. 'Rise and shine, princess,'

I mumbled curses that I hoped Nat couldn't hear but it wouldn't matter because she pulled the sheets off of me anyway. 'Natasha,' I moaned, rolling onto my stomach and curling into a ball to preserve some of the warmth.

'Come on, Kaya,' she said and I slowly opened one eye to see her smirk triumphantly. 'STEVE! KAYA WON'T WAKE UP!!!'

I covered my ears as she screamed and heavy footfalls shook the ground as Captain America barrelled into my room, his hair mussed from sleeping. My eyes went wide and I quickly scrambled off the bed.

'No need, no need,' I said, holding my hands up to ward Steve off. 'I'm up, I'm up,'

'Ah!' Steve exclaimed. 'Then you're going to need breakfast!'

There was nowhere to run as he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. As Steve easily carried me out the room, I tried to pin Natasha with a glare. 'This is your fault!' I told her but she only smiled and followed after Steve.

'Lucky for you,' Steve said, finally setting me down when we reached the kitchen/dining/living area. 'Bucky is making pancakes,'

I grinned at Steve. 'Lucky for me or lucky for you?' I asked with an eyebrow raised.

Steve coughed loudly. 'I don't know what you mean,' he said and walked off, probably to find Bucky.

I sighed and turned to the rest of the people in the living area. Thor sat with Clint, both of them lounging comfortably on long couches, scoffing pop tarts and laughing at each others stories. Bruce and Tony were in what had previously been the dining area, only they had pushed the large table out the way and were standing in a circle of transparent blue screens, muttering to themselves.

Vision was floating upright, thoughtfully gazing out the window that covered the whole wall. Wanda was probably still sleeping and Sam didn't live in the tower, though he would probably be here soon, along with Rhodey and Maria Hill. She may have been a SHIELD agent but seeing as today was the day that Spider-Man might join the Avengers, it required special company.

Natasha joined Clint and Thor just as I decided to see how much longer Bucky's pancakes would take. I wandered into the kitchen, getting out the maple syrup, lemon juice and sugar on my way. Bucky was standing in front of the stove, pouring more pancake mixture into the pan.

Bucky glanced up at me and smiled. 'Morning princess, how'd you sleep?'

I grinned at Bucky's nickname for me. Tony once told me that when someone gives you a nickname, it means that they care or that your name is too long but whatever.

'I slept pretty well,' I told him, watching as the pancakes slowly cooked. 'What about you?'

Bucky frowned. I t was no secret that he found it hard to sleep. He sometimes woke up screaming for Steve or shouting in Russian and only Steve could calm him down. That was why their rooms were side by side and why Steve spent a majority of his nights in Bucky's room. 'Okay,' he said at last. 'Could be better though,'

I cursed myself for asking the damn question, giving Bucky a quick hug to reassure him. I let go and Bucky ruffled my hair playfully, smiling as Steve appeared with plates for everyone.

'Okay, who wants pancakes?' Steve yelled to the floor and everyone jumped up. Bucky was a really good cook.

I sighed as I handed Thor a plate. 'You just ate, like, a whole box of pop tarts,' I told him disbelievingly.

He grinned and bellowed. 'And that was only the beginning of my grand breakfast feast!'

Thor piled pancakes up on his plate as I handed a plate to Clint. 'You just ate as well!'

Clint raised his chin stubbornly and took the plate. 'I'm not talking to you,' he said.

I laughed as he stalked off. A week ago Thor had commented on how my voice was different than the rest of the Avengers and asked me where I was from. I told him that I was Australian and grew up in Adelaide for the first ten years of my life. Steve then asked me if it was weird hearing American accents all the time and I told him that Americans sounded funny to me and Clint took it personally.

I handed plate to Natasha. 'How much longer do you think he'll last?' I asked.

Nat smiled. 'Not much longer, I'm honestly surprised he didn't tell you off for how short your pyjama pants are,'

I looked down at my shorts. 'Are they that bad?' I asked, they went down to my mid thigh.

Natasha laughed. 'No, but he would've said something anyway,'

Bucky flipped two pancakes onto mine and Nat's plates, setting two aside for Steve. I joined Nat, Clint and Thor on the couches, rolling my pancake up so that it was easier to eat.

'Australians,' I heard Clint scoff as he bit into his pancake.

I sighed and muttered loud enough for everyone to hear. 'At least we don't deep-fry everything,'

Tony laughed as he asked, 'How do feel about that one Capsicle?'

We all watched as Steve and Bucky sat beside me. Steve set his plate down on the glass coffee table. 'It wasn't that bad... seeing as everything from Australia is meant to kill you,'

Everyone got a good laugh out of that one. I bit my lip, trying to think of a good comeback. 'Alright, what's the difference between America and yoghurt,'

Everyone looked at me puzzled. 'One can develop a culture after two hundred years,'

Steve snorted next to me and I rejoiced in the boisterous laughter that erupted as if from no where. Sam and Rhodey entered the room while everyone was still laughing--especially Steve.

'Hey, what's going on?' Sam asked, him and Rhodey standing over us with their hands on their hips. I heard Clint snigger.

'Kaya asked what the difference between America and yoghurt is?' Tony filled them in.

Sam nodded. 'Yeah, one can be fat-free,'

Laughter burst out of everyone once again and Sam squeezed into the spot beside me, stealing one of my pancakes. 'I saw that tumblr post too, y'know,' he gave me a look and I fell backwards laughing. 

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