Part One: Heavy Dirty Soul

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The boy's screams ran alongside the walls in the small cellar he was captive in. His pain was proof as his wails were getting louder and louder by the second. If only he knew that he was making it worse when each sound made it's escape from his mouth. The Kapos, german soldiers, were relentless with each mark they made on his body. Whether it was from a knife, a whip, scalding hot water, it didn't matter. Their only job was to break him as his arms were chained above his head to the water pipe, chained like an animal caught for it's death. Every part of the boy was bare, for it was easier for his special sessions. He was faced to deal with his own madness and despair everyday. The only thing he did know that gave him comfort was the fact that no one was coming to save him. Maybe not even himself. 

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