Up And Leave- Vikklan Part 3

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Requested by both Eve_Shadow_Wolf and Crystal_Wizard

Lachlan's P.O.V.

The reactions to the video that Vikk posted were a lot better than I thought they were going to be. Obviously there was some hate comments, some people saying that he was faking it or over reacting to something smaller but with the proof he had, most people realised that it was real.

The Sidemen lost almost 2 million combined subscribers from all their channels, personal ones and the Sidemen channels too. Their channels went silent for almost a week, no videos from anyone, anywhere, no activity on Twitter or Instagram either.

Vikk got really, really worried because he wasn't sure what was going on, if they were planning something or maybe even if they were flying to Australia to get him back. I spent quite a while comforting him, he even slept in my bed each night because he would wake up screaming each night with nightmares that terrorized his mind.

The one good thing that came from the video was that Vikk got major support from every corner of YouTube, from some of the most unexpected places. Obviously he got full support from the Pack and from many of the Australian YouTubers that I knew but he also got support from some of the biggest YouTubers on the site, Pewdiepie mentioned him a few times, Keemstar dedicated an entire Drama alert episode to what had happened and his stance on it, which was to support Vikk, hell, half of the Sidemen's friends publicly condemned them for their treatment of Vikk.

With that video the Sidemen lost millions of subscribers, were publicly condemned by one of the biggest YouTubers on the sight, they lost the trust their fans held in them and Vikk's popularity exploded, my people just there to support him.

During the week where there was silence from the Sidemen Vikk and I recorded together a lot, along with Mitch, Lannan, Fresh and Elliot on several maps. Vikk tried to keep his personality upbeat but the fans noticed that he was sad and nervous, causing him to make another video with me.

"I know.... I know that I lot of you have noticed that I haven't quite been myself in videos later and I figured I probably needed to address it because many of you want to know what's going on. You know I've been going through... a lot lately so you can probably understand why I haven't been acting normally." He sighed.

"I've really been struggling with coping with this but one of the ways I've been building myself up is by doing my job. I love recording, I love editing, I love making these videos for you guys and honestly, it's my way of coping. Making videos is the good part and I want to keep doing that."

"Don't worry about my health though, Lachlan is making sure that I eat and sleep and all that shit. He's pretty protective." I grinned at the first mention of me, shuffling closer to the camera. I had been sitting in the background the whole time, listening to what he was saying.

"Yeah, I am. But I've got good reason to, so don't blame me." He smiled lightly and then continued talking, his hand now curled up in mine.

"I'll obviously be continuing my videos as normal so don't expect anything less than that and I'll probably be a little emotional unstable for a while, but don't worry. I'll be okay." With that he leaned forwards and turned the camera off, settling back with head resting on my shoulder.

I pressed a light kiss to his forehead and he yawned, after all it was almost 1am and we were both exhausted.

"You ready to head off to bed Vikky?" He nodded, reaching up his arms to get me to pick him up. I do so, pulling him up into my arms and carrying him down into our bedroom, where both of us curled up onto the bed. "You okay?" He sighed.

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