Chapter Ten

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"Perseus Jackson." Kronos' voice boomed. "Dickwad!" Percy greeted in return. "Literally the only thing I told you was to not piss him off." Arabella spat in his ear. Kronos made angry eye contact with Percy, rising from his throne and walked down a couple steps to get to the demigod. "Don't get mouthy with me, now." Kronos challenged. "You're the Voice, correct?" Percy asked in response, completely disregarding all attempts Kronos made at being intimidating. "Yes...?" "Then you know exactly how I am, yet you still wanted me to be brought here. Obviously, me being "mouthy" won't be a problem."

Percy and Kronos held eye contact for a while before the Titan laughed, his gold eyes crinkling shut as he threw his head back. "Bold. I like it. You'll make a fine general." Kronos complimented while walking back to his throne. "General?" Percy asked. Kronos rapped his fingers on the arm of his throne. "Hmm, yes. That is, assuming you would like to join me against the gods." Kronos proposed. Percy stood still for a moment.

"Not all the gods." He replied.


"Not all the gods deserve to be killed or fought against. Hestia. She's never done anything to hurt me. Or- Or Apollo and Artemis. I'm actually on good terms with them. Or even Hephaestus. He's never gone against me, I don't think." Percy continued. "What gods do you want to fight then?" Kronos was confused, his golden eyes shining bright as he tilted his head. "Just Hera, Zeus, and Poseidon. Maybe Ares. Possibly Dionysus." Percy stated. Kronos furrowed his eyebrows. "Acceptable. We can talk more later. Mercy!" Arabella's posture straightened. "Yes, M'Lord?" She asked. "Take Percy to B-Wing. He'll be in between you and Charles." "Yes, sir."

"Follow me, Jackson." Arabella muttered to Percy, turning on her heel and leading Percy out of the room. Percy followed Arabella down multiple hallways until they got to a much shorter one. "Welcome to B-Wing. This is where Kronos' lieutenant- me- general- you- and most trusted advisors and leaders stay." She explained. "Advisors and leaders?" Percy repeated. In response, Arabella called down the hallway, "HEY! COME OUT HERE, YOU ASSES!" Slowly but surely, four of the six doors opened. Percy did a quick analysis of the four people coming towards them.

A guy, platinum blonde hair and icy blue eyes. Very pale. As tall as Jason. Built like Percy.

A girl, a mess of neon blue hair and quizzing, dark brown eyes. Just in between Nico and Piper's height. Built like Arabella.

Another girl, soft-looking brown hair and hazel-green eyes. Large, black-rimmed glasses. Beautiful, tan skin. As tall as Hazel.

Finally, another guy. Black hair, a lot like Percy's. Dark brown eyes and light brown skin. A blinding grin. Taller than Percy himself.

"Guys, meet Percy Jackson. Percy, these are the other people you will be staying with and involved with. I'll let you introduce yourselves." Arabella explained. The girl with neon blue hair walked up first. She stuck out her hand, shaking Percy's quickly.

"I'm Kathrynn Charles. People call me Rynn." Kathrynn- Rynn explained. "Well, I'm Percy." Percy said awkwardly. "Yeah, Bell already said that. What's your parentage, newbie?" Rynn quizzed. Percy clenched his fists and jaw, which didn't go unnoticed by everyone else. "Huh. That bad? Well I got stuck with Athena. Can't do much worse than that, huh?"

"Try Poseidon." Percy hissed out his father's name.

Rynn winced. "Oof. Yeah, okay, you win." With that, Rynn was walking away and standing next to Arabella and quickly engaging her in a conversation. The guy that was taller than Percy came next, greeting Percy with a Roman handshake. "I'm Noah Christians. Son of Venus." Percy returned the Roman handshake, quite familiar with it, even following up with the Roman salute of a hand across the chest. "You know the Roman greetings. How? You're Greek." Noah asked. With a deep sigh, Percy rolled up his sweatshirt sleeve, exposing his SPQR tattoo from his time at Camp Jupiter, revealing the little symbol that showed he was a praetor.

Noah bowed his head. "Praetor." He acknowledged. "Please don't. I'm not the- the praetor anymore." Percy half-begged. Noah was surprised, but nodded and joined Rynn and Arabella. "My name is Juliana Santos, daughter of Apollo and former Hunter of Artemis. Pleasure to meet you, Percy." Juliana greeted. "Hi." Percy replied, copying Juliana's small wave. He made a small, panicked noise as she wrapped her arms around him, giving his a large hug. "Uh, okay. Thanks, I guess...?" Percy mumbled. Arabella clearly has to try to hold back from laughing at him. "Ana is a big hugger. She's super nice." Arabella explained. Juliana released Percy from her hold and moved away, leaving only the guy that held a likeness to Jack Frost.

The guy stood there for a moment, not introducing himself. "Asher Cast. Hermes." Asher introduced. "Hey." Percy said. Asher looked away quickly and hid behind Noah. Arabella walked over to Percy. "He's really shy." She whispered. To the others, she announced, "I'm gonna take Percy to his room, and then we can all spar, okay?" Everyone nodded enthusiastically, even Asher. "Follow me, Jackson." Arabella called over her shoulder as she walked down the hallway.

She led Percy to one of the two doors that the other four didn't emerge from. "Now, here's what's gonna happen. This will be your room. You can talk to Kronos about any extra furniture or things you would like to change if you would like. Only if you can't get anything yourself, though. You can talk to Rynn too if you need, she's good at talking to the Hephaestus people and convincing them to make something in their free time." Arabella explained. Percy nodded, following her into his new room.

"Welcome home." Arabella said, exhaling lightly. There wasn't much in the room, just a large bed, a dresser with a mirror on the side, and a door that led to a walk in closet. "Okay. I can make this perfect." Percy said under his breath. Arabella rolled her eyes. "Well, that's gonna have to wait. Now, it's sparring time."

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