Trouble & I

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Check out my new story😁

 Check out my new story😁

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With being done teasing me he wraps his strong arms around my waist and pulls me into his chest before capturing my lips with his soft ones. I stand in shock before responding back to his passion filled kiss but all too soon he pulls away.

"Why me?" I breathlessly say feeling my lips tingle as I speak.

Seven leans his forehead against mine while licking his lips, "You're like a drug and I'm an addict."

Well damn.

"I crave you Belle, I've been craving you since the day your crazy ass tased me."

And i oop-
Meet Lyla McCartney - aka belle- an Aussie girl who has a past filled with crime, parties, fights and thrill, but she puts all that aside when her dad dies in a car accident and leaves her a letter with simple yet hard instructions.

Next up is, Seven Myers the mysterious guy of the school, he is surrounded by people he holds close to his heart but any outsiders get the cold side of him due from the hardships of life.

These two spitfires clash instantly creating a twister full of wit, sarcasm and...feelings.

A new start
A new "home".
A new school.

She can do this right?

Only if Seven Myers didn't want to know why she hides behind a mask.

This is a story about a bad girl trying to be good and a bad boy who wants to know all her secrets.

Read to find out if the girl with a taser can stay good or not.

Thank you @ Pinkstripedzebra for the amazing cover!🥰

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