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KYRA AND HER FRIENDS HAD had a good run. The four of them had done amazing things. Yeah, even heroic things. But as the giant raised his spear, Kyra knew there was no way they could deflect this strike.

This was the end.

She grabbed Jason's hand, prepared for what was about to come before she heard Leo's voice, "Got it!" 

"Sleep!" Piper said, so forcefully, the nearest wolves fell to the ground and began snoring.

The stone and wood cage crumbled. Leo had sawed through the base of the thickest tendril and apparently cut off the cage's connection to Gaea. The tendrils turned to dust. The mud around Hera disintegrated. The Goddess grew in size, glowing with power,

"Yes!" the Goddess gasped. She threw off her black robes to reveal a white gown, her arms bedecked with golden jewelry. Her face was both terrible and beautiful, and a golden crown glowed in her long black hair. "Now I shall have my revenge!"

The giant Porphyrion backed away. He said nothing, but he gave Jason and Kyra one last look of hatred. His message was clear: Another time. Then he slammed his spear against the earth, and the giant disappeared into the ground like he'd dropped down a chute.

Around the courtyard, monsters began to panic and retreat, but there was no escape for them.

Hera glowed brighter. She shouted, "Cover your eyes, my heroes." Kyra looked up and knew Jason was too much in shock. He understood too late. She quickly pushed Jason forward, making him land face first on the ground.

She watched as Hera turned into a supernova, exploding in a ring of force that vaporized every monster instantly. Kyra fell, light searing into her mind, and her last thought was that her body was burning.

It only felt like moments later when Kyra regained consciousness... sorta. She had one thought going through her head.

And death unleash, through Hera's rage shall be contained by the child of healing and plague.

The line of the prophecy came true. Kyra contained Hera's rage, keeping her friend's from death. She fulfilled her destiny.

"Not quite, daughter dear." She turned to find her father. Suddenly, she was standing back in Camp-Half Blood. They were in the archery range, Apollo aiming an arrow before piercing the very center of the target, "I told you, you were meant to do great things. They haven't happened yet."

Kyra shook her head, "But I'm dead. Just like I was told. Children of Apollo don't last around heroes."

"Not yet." He lowered his bow and smiled over at her, "You still have a long way to go."

"I completed my part of the prophecy. I contained Hera's rage, it's over." Kyra argued, "There's nothing left for me to do."

"Again, wrong." Apollo sat down on the bench, "You've contained the light, but now you need to release it."

Kyra's eye widened, "Release it? The prophecy only says I need to contain it."

"There's still so much for you to do, Kyra." Apollo snapped his fingers and an image appeared before Kyra, almost like the Iris Messaging.

It was her friends back at the Wolf House. They were surrounding something, no... someone. It was her. They were surrounding her. Kyra's body was on the ground, eyes rolled to the back of her head. 

Jason held her limp body, tears running down his face. In fact, they were all crying. Did they really care about her that much?

Suddenly, Jason was yelling at Hera. She didn't know what he was saying, but it had to be along the lines of the event that just occurred.

"See? They still need you." Her father told her, "Your time isn't up yet."

The image disappeared and Kyra pulled out the photo of her and her mother, the one Aeolus had given her, "You said I was unique? That I was different from all my siblings?"

The sun shined down on them and Apollo held out his hand, collecting the light before it clouded over. The ball of light stayed in his hand and her father reached over and opened her own hand. Apollo placed the ball of light in her own hand and it stayed, "You can do something that none of the others can do."

"Photokinesis." Kyra whispered before she looked at her father, "But I thought no other demigod can do this?"

"But you can. You still have a lot to learn, Kyra Pafford."

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