a working daddy

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princess pov

"so daddy are your work people nice?", we walk down a long hall with huge window on both sides. i try not to look down since we're on the 20th floor.
"so they're not meanie butts?"
"daddy do you fink day will wike me?", i ask walking fast trying to keep up with him.
"daddy, do-"
"no more questions, princess. i'm already late", i nod my head and stay quiet.

the reason why we are late is my fault. i was a cranky, bratty princess this morning and didn't want to get up. my new princess sitter was sicky so daddy had to bring me to work with him.

i tried dressing as grown up as possible but it was hard.

i of course still had to bring a stuffie, sippy cup and paci

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i of course still had to bring a stuffie, sippy cup and paci. i couldn't leave the house without them.

after a long walk we finally reached daddy's big, big office. he told me to sit in the chair and to not move.
"okay, princess. stay put! i must go to a meeting but i need you to stay put, don't move or talk to anyone! don't leave this room, okay", i nod.
i correct myself, "yes, daddy"
"thank you", daddy leaves and shuts the door.

oh no. now i'm alone and scared. i reach into my bag and grab my stuffie. i hold on to him tightly. i played with him for a while then i got bored.

i looked over to daddy's desk and saw a computer. daddy normally let's me play dress up games on his computer, maybe i should do that.

the only problamo was that i didn't know who do work it. stupid meanie butt computer.

"now what do i do?"

i decided to play a game of tag with myself. but i was always 'it'. so then i play hide and seek but i was always found. i was so bored without daddy. i thought i might die.

i took it a pond my princess self to be a big girl and leave daddy's office. i was kinda hungry and wanted a snack but all daddy packed were veggies. ewwie. i took a few pennies from my backpack that daddy gave me the other day.

"that should me enough to buy a snackie", i pranced out of the room and into the hall.

it was scary out there. a bunch of big people walking fastly past me. they looked all fancy pancy.
*huff* all i had to do was find the snack machine thingy, figure out how to get food and eat it.

it shouldn't be too hard. but it was.

i walked down hallways and into other hallways until i sat in a corner curled in a ball. i was lost and very scared. i needed my dada. but where was he?

a man in a suit walked past me but then came back to me. "are you okay, sweetie?", i shake my head.
"what's wrong?"
"i-i w-want food", i cry out.
"from where hunny?"
"food machine?"
"ohhhh, the vending machine. come on, i'll take you there", he holds out his hand for me to take it. i hesitate but my tummy grumbles from hunger and i take it.

he lead me right to the food.

"so how much money do you have, sweet girl?", i open my bag and pull out three pennies.
"dis is all i have", i hold out my hand for him to take it.
he closes my hand, "baby, that's not enough to buy anything from here"

my eyes fill with tears as i get cranky from being hungry.

"but it's okay because i have enough", he pulls out a ten dollar bill.
"wowie, you're rich", i giggle.
"what do you want, babe?", i point to a candy bar, knowing daddy would punish me for getting it.

he presses a few buttons and then my candy bar drops from the machine. "oh no. it's gone", i cry.
"no, no. it's not gone, look", he pushed back the door and there's my candy.
"yayyy!!! you found it", i jump up and down as she give it to me.

i chomp it down and make a mess. he decides to buy me three more. he's a really nice man. i eat all three and jump all around.

"you're a hyper one aren't ya?"
"yup, yup, yup!!!", i jump through the halls, holding his hand.
"do you have a office place too?", i ask.
"can we go there? my daddy's is boring", i sigh.
"we sure can"

we walk down the hall to his office. it looks the exact same as dada's. i thought it'd be all pretty.

i plop down on his couch and he sits next to me.

"so mr. monroe is your daddy?"
"yup, a great one too", i giggle.
"have you ever thought about having a two daddies?"
"nope, i like my one daddy"
"so you never look at other daddies when your daddy isn't around?", she puts his arm around my waist.
"um...i don't know but i like my daddy"
"yeah, i bet you do", he pulls me closer to him.
"what do you and daddy do?"
"business stuff but enough about me, do you and your daddy ever do sexy type stuff?"
"no", i whisper.
"wow", he gasps.
"it that bad, should i be?"
"maybe he doesn't like you?", my eyes go wide.
"you think he doesn't like me!? oh no!", i start to cry.
"but i know the secret to making him like you"
"what is it?", he motions me to come closer.

i lean into his face and he plants a kiss on my lips. i'm confused. he begins to kiss me, hardly. i try to push him off but he continues. he grabs my boobies from in my shirt and pulls them out. i try and cover them but he starts to lick them.

everything is happening so fast. i don't know what to do. i scream for daddy but he covers my mouth. i begin to cry. i didn't like this. i wanted my daddy. now.

the door swings open and it's daddy. yayay! but he's not alone, he's with two big police guys. they handcuff the man and take him away. i run into daddy's arms.

"yes, princess?"
"i don't ever wanna leave you"
"then don't"


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