Chapter 8

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Surface Deep

Moneē got to the Zaretsky's house a little early. Which is why she learned that the image people give you is often times not reality. The garage was open and inside was Mrs. and Mr. Zaretsky arguing. Loudly. Moneē couldn't really make out what they were yelling about but it wasn't her business.
Since they only lived a couple of blocks away she had walked. That's why they hadn't noticed her. Moneē hurried around the porch and hid on the otherside. Because it was a higher porch, they didn't see her when the fight moved into the driveway.
Soon the car engine started and Mr. Zaretsky was gone.

Moneē waited, for how long is unclear. She gave the family time to settle or calm down. Whatever they had to do so that when Moneē came they could act normal.

"Roberts? What are you doing in our bushes?" Noah asked. He had just pulled up, with his brother and sister in the car. Moneē felt relieved, that they hadn't been there to see their parents fighting.

"Oh I um... dropped my phone." Monee waved her phone around. "I got it now though."

They all went in the house. You couldn't even tell that Mrs. Zaretsky had been crying.

"Hey everyone I got some snacks for y'all." Mrs. Zaretsky said. The kids went about their routine. Sitting at the table and doing homework. Moneē was watching Mrs. Zaretsky, was she really okay? Moneē knew she couldn't ask, that would be way out of bounds, and they would feel terrible if they knew she saw.

The last of the pork chops and rice was cooking when Mr. Zaretsky got home. He ruffled Lucy and Zack's hair. But there was no kiss for Mrs. Zaretsky.

"Hey Mr. Zaretsky." Moneē greeted him. They chatted a little before he went to the back, where Noah was. And then they had their own argument. Mr. Zaretsky was yelling at Noah about his reckless behavior. Then they came out the back to have dinner, Noah sat at the table to eat.

"What was it like to punch a guy in the face?" Zack asked. Noah shrugged his shoulders.

"What was it like to be punched in the face?" Noah barely made a smile. His little brother did always make him feel better.

"Not too great." Noah answered.

"Moneē, I have to tell about what happened today, come on." The girls put their dishes in the sink and went to Lucy's room.

"Okay. You won't believe what Cory did. You know we were friends in middle school. And that we in high school she acts like she doesn't know me. How about she asked for a pencil today?"

Moneē tried not to giggle.

"What? This is serious. I told I didn't have one that she could borrow. And then ten minutes later pulled out a pencil when I ran out led for mine."

"Lucy. You can't let other people's actions make you be petty. You have to make your own choices " Moneē thought about Noah when she said that.

"I got to go. I have to talk to your dad about school stuff. And it's already dark, and I got to walk home. I will see you later." Moneē closed the door on her way out.

Noah's light was off so maybe he was asleep. And Zack was probably watching tv in the living room. There was no way Moneē would go in Mr. and Mrs. Zaretsky's bedroom. Absolutely not. That's weird. It's a line you don't cross. But she knocked on the door.

"Come in." Mrs. Zaretsky said.

"Hey it's Moneē. I just wanted to tell about what happened at school today, wasn't Noah's fault, well not completely." Mrs. Zaretsky opened the door. She could see Mr. Zaretsky sitting on the bed.

"Well..." Moneē told them everything. How Nick was pressuring her to go out with him again and how he had put his hands on her and how Noah was defending her. She even told him that they should be proud that Noah stood up for her.

"He makes his own choices and fighting was one of them, but please don't be hard on him?"

They told her that they appreciated her telling them that, and they'll consider it.

"Is your dad here to get you?" Mr. Zaretsky asked.

"Oh no. I was just gonna walk home."

"You sure? It's dark outside." Moneē reassured them that she would be fine, it was only like two blocks away.

Once outside Moneē looked all around as she walked into the road.

"Aye Roberts!" Moneē whipped around.

"Need a ride?" Noah dangled the keys. Moneē smiled and got in the car.

The car ride was silent apart from Moneē telling Noah where to turn.

"Oh is no one home?" Noah pulled into the driveway.

"Yeah my people are out of town and Eli is at a friend's. So I will be here all weekend by myself."

"So since you don't have anyone waiting on you. Can we just sit and talk?" Noah had a look on his that Moneē couldn't read. Moneē nodded her head yes.

"Thanks for talking to my parents, it helped some."

"I owed you."

Moneē thought about how her parents would react if they found her sitting in the car with Noah. They would most definitely flip out. Sitting alone with a boy at night, and he was white.

"When you were hiding behind the porch earlier was it because of my parents?" Noah asked.

"How you know?" Moneē didn't think he saw through that.

"Well they are my parents. I've been around them my whole life, I know when they fight." Noah was looking straight ahead as if he was still driving.

"Do they fight a lot?" Moneē asked.

"Oh yeah. Not as much lately though. Cause you're over alot. And they aren't going to fight in front of company. That's why we like you so much."

We? A small part of her wished that he would've said "I" instead. What was she thinking, had she not had enough of boys yet?

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