7/11 to a Party //CherryBomb.

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Heather Chandler pulled up at the local 7/11, alone. She was meeting Heather and Heather at Ram  Sweeney's latest party, and Veronica was on vacation with her parents. The blonde softly grumbled, as she got out of the probably illegally parked car, sashaying inside of the building, heading straight to the snacks area of the store. She picked up a bag of her favourite snack, BBQ Corn Nuts, a ghost of a smirk on her lips, "A party is not a party without 'Corn Nuts'," She mumbled gently to herself.

"Ah, Heather Chandler. Greetings and salutations," A male voice she knew well – who she'd been texting for past few weeks due to social status – as she smiled a little more genuinely as she turned around.

"J.D," She replied. His face lit up.

"You.. Remembered my name?"

"Well, duh," She chuckled, "We've been chatting for ages and you haven't given me a reason to hate you, so."

"Right," His cheeks tinted pink as he looked to change the subject, his gaze landing on her item of choice, and his nose scrunched up, "'Corn Nuts', really?"

"Yeah," She scowled, pointing at his slushie with a disgusted but also amused smile, "'Raspberry', really?" Heather folded her arms with a pout.

"What's wrong with 'Raspberry'?" J.D asked, a small smile on his expression. Chandler looked at the slushie with an intent of intimidating it.

"I'm allergic," She explained, before remembering the Corn Nuts, "What about you? What's wrong with 'Corn Nuts'?"

"Also allergic."

"Oh," A few moments passed and the two burst out laughing, Chandler snorting twice. They both had blushes and uncontrollable grins. The blonde then frowned, "D'aw, shit."

"What's up?" J.D asked, arching a brow.

"The ceiling," She replied, "But seriously? I've gotta motor to meet Heather and Heather at Ram's something party."

"Right. Also, you have emotions?" He teased, and Chandler's face matched her blazer.

"Shut up!" She whined, watching J.D pay the cashier for their items before walking her out towards her Porsche, "But yeah, I do, but like.."

"Your status?" She nodded. He hummed in understanding, "Anyways, I'm gonna head out, later!" She blew a kiss, before getting into her car and driving away, leaving a red-faced J.D behind her.



It had been atleast around a few hours since the Heathers had arrived at the party. McNamara was already drunk, and clinging to Duke, her sober ride. Chandler, meanwhile was being pressed up against the wall by none other that Ram Sweeney, the linebacker. She frowned, showing emotions. Why? She was absolutely shit-faced. The boy smirked, "What's wrong, Heatherrrr~? You in need of some..attention~?"

"N-No, I'm not!" Heather slurred dizzily, her sober mind probably halfway to the North Pole by now. Her back straightened as she realised too late. Ram started to cackle.

"H-Holy sh-sh-shit!" He laughed, "Heather Chandler, the almighty, has emotions!" He continued to laugh. Heather knew she had to do something, and she did, grabbing his collar and whispering in his ear.

"Say, Ram, do you want to keep your reputation?" He stiffened, shutting up, "Then we won't thpeak of any of thith—" She grumbled at her lisp, before shoving the  boy back and marching outside, almost collapsing on the porch due to her intoxicated state. She pulled out her phone and dialled a number.

"Hello?—....Heather?" J.D guessed, hearing sniffling of the blonde. He sighed, already heading out his front door towards his motorbike, "Rough night?"

"Yeah.. My lithp came back after Ram tried to get on me.."

"Right, well, hang tight, I'm on my way."

"Wait you don't have to—" But he had already hung up. She sighed gently, hugging her knees and hiding her face in them. She had always hated her emotions, and him, looking out for her, well, maybe this little crush was worth something.


J.D pulled up to Ram Sweeney's house. It wasn't too hard to find due to the music you could hear halfway down the street, making him wonder if Ram had noise complaints yet. He pulled up onto the curb, scaring off a bunch of bunch of partygoers as he smiled to the red themed Heather who stumbled over to him, "Thank you.." She mumbled quietly. J.D shrugged.

"No problem, c'mon, let's get you home."


"Heather, let go," J.D instructed with a huff, trying to get the other teen up the stairs, but he couldn't because she was hugging his waist after tripping in her heels. The queen of Westerburg was more of a child than a ruler, and you wouldn't believe that the blonde could destroy you. However, J.D couldn't deny that he liked the attention.

"N- *hic* -No!" The drunken girl slurred, now hugging his leg. The trenchcoat wearer sighed.

"If you let go, I'll carry you," He offered. Chandler thought about it for a moment, before letting go, sitting on the floor with a pouty expression. He chuckled, "Alright, hold out your arms," He instructed. Heather did as told, "Ya'know, I'm actually quite impressed by your obedience."

"*hic* Thanka!" The blonde giggled with a bright smile. J.D picked her up, as the red obsessed girl wrapped her arms around his neck, resting her head on his shoulder as he held her legs, starting to make his way up the spiral staircase of the mansion.


"So, Heather."


"Where are your parents, shouldn't they be home?" He asked, and Chandler frowned, her grip loosening a tad as they neared her room.

"They're at, uh, work.."

"At three in the morning?"

"Mhm," She sighed, "They're alwayth at work, they hate me.."

"I'm sure that's not true," J.D was lying to himself on that one, but he decided to change the current conversation, as he put her down, "Now, can you go get into some sort of sleepover?"

"Uh-huh!" She stumbled over to the closet and changed while J.D looked away, yelping in surprise when the Queen Bee yanked him next to her on her queen-sized bed.

"What the-" He was cut off by her kissing him.

"I've had a mathive cruthh on you, J.D.." She admitted, curling up next to him, "Could you thtay the night?" J.D chuckled, kissing her back.

"Ya'know what? Sure."

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