The "oh no" adventures of The wanted.

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One day the wanted: max, siva, nathan, jay and tom were walking through the woods to a photoshoot when a blast of sparkles flew at them.

Jay: what is that 

Nathan: oh no, i think its some magical spark...

Before nathan could finish he turned into a magical unicorn

Nathan was a pretty pink and purple unicorn, running around in circles

max: oh no, nathans a uni..

before max could finish he turned into a goat.

Siva, Tom and Jay stood there with puzzled looks on their faces as nathan the unicorn and max the goat wandered around.

Jay: oh no everyone is turning into an animal

once jay had finished his short sentence he had realised he said oh no. he knew any second now he would turn into an animal, well that's what expected. 

But expect, the unexpected jay turned into an apple. 

Siva and tom were the only two "humans" left, while nathan the unicorn, Max the goat ran around and Jay the apple roll on the ground.

Tom: ok siva, none of us can say oh no

Siva: TOM!!

Tom: uh oh

Tom turned into a pencil.

Sheraya and Jordan went looking for the wanted, knowing they were having their photoshoot in the woods.. 

they saw siva standing alone puzzled

Sheraya: Hey siva, is there something wrong?

Siva: Tom's a pencil, Max is a goat, jay is an apple, and nathan's a unicorn.. so yeah there is something wrong

Sheraya: umm

Jordan: How did this happen?

Siva: I can't exactly tell you

Sheraya: why

Siva: who know's what i'l be turned into

Jordan: well we have to help 

Sheraya: Yeah we have to, but how exactly

Siva: i dont know, but we are going to figure this out..

Ok so this isn't a normal fan fiction, but keep reading to find out how the wanted are going to be humans again

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