Chapter 40: Favorable Attention

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Translated by : Iris

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Jiang Li laughed, "How did Da Jiejie come to choose a completely different colour from Second Older Sister[1]; with the two of you sitting together right now, it certainly is bright and interesting."

[1] Er Jiejie ( 二姐姐 ) - Second Sister

Jiang Su Su was startled for a moment, then giggled along, "Da Jiejie, dressed in red, would definitely be prettier than Su niang and even more festive." Although she knew that Jiang Ruan had chosen the vermillion satin, she had not foreseen that Ruyi Lou would produce such an intricately gorgeous set of clothes from that fabric. However, this made her feel somewhat relieved. A young lady would inevitably be unable to stand up against such a gorgeous and complicated red dress. Even if Jiang Ruan had a bright and resplendent appearance, when she wore these clothes, she would only be drowned out by the their impetus. Not only that, she would appear rather top-heavy and quite gaudy.

Jiang Li, too, was thinking along the same lines as Jiang Su Su and the gaze she directed towards Jiang Ruan was somewhat filled with schadenfreude. Yet, at the tip of her lips, these words came out, "Shopkeeper Liu is certainly very biased to have created such a gorgeous decorative design for Da Jiejie's clothes. We certainly would not be able to compare with it. With such a style of clothes, onlyDa Jiejie would have the courage to wear them."

"Since I am Jiang fu'seldest daughter, then it would also be good to dress in a more proper manner." Jiang Ruan chuckled lightly, "The clothes that you have chosen are extremely complementary as well; each and every one of the young ladies of the Jiang fuis outstanding."

Jiang Dan glanced at Jiang Ruan and whispered, "Da Jiejie's clothes are truly attractive, I have never seen anyone dressing in this manner before in the fu."

The Old Jiang Madame who sat on the seat slightly narrowed her eyes and stared at Jiang Ruan meaningfully before she spoke, "The clothes are not bad, however, there is still something lacking. It appears that the eldest girl does not have a cape. Du Juan, retrieve that crimson crane*overcoat later from my chest and have it sent to the Ruan Ju."

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