Ruel visits.

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Justin and Shawn were sitting in the Toronto airport waiting for their guest to arrive. Ruel was touring but, since he was still a minor he couldn't check into hotels alone. He recently fired his manager for giving him basic advice when it came to touring. Ruel is sixteen and stubborn, so it came naturally that he'd refuse any kind of common sense advice.

That ultimately worried his mother who is good friend's with Justin's mother, who begged Justin to allow Ruel to stay with him while he was in Canada and hopefully talk some sense into the child. Justin was reluctant at first because he had Shawn and he didn't know how that would work out, but he figured it should be fine since it's only a few days.

As Justin sat back in his seat and kept watch for Ruel, Shawn was sitting beside him, eyes glued to his phone. Justin peeked over at Shawn's phone and made a weird expression, wondering why Shawn was watching slime videos. He dismissed the thought as he saw a young blonde walk out of the terminal.

Justin nudged Shawn gently and they both headed over towards Ruel, getting his attention. Ruel's eyes lit up and he had a big grin when he saw Justin.

"Hey man, how are you?" He said happily, giving Justin a shoulder-man hug. Justin returned the gesture. "I'm good, bro. Look at you, you're almost as tall as Shawn, kid. I might be in trouble," Justin laughed as he looked at the two taller teens beside him.

"Hey Shawn," Ruel went to give Shawn a hug and Shawn hugged back, half-heartily. Justin noticed and thought that was strange, Shawn was usually excited to see Ruel. Maybe his mind was on something else.

"Hi," Shawn acknowledged Ruel's greeting and went back to looking at his phone. Ruel noticed Shawn's distantish stature and sort of didn't push further, so he talked to Justin.

Justin and Ruel chit-chatted a bit before the three of them headed out of the air-port, both Ruel and Justin having screaming fans calling at them and begging for photos.

"Famous life, eh?" Ruel suggested at Justin and Justin simply smirked. "Yeah man, it'll be a little less crazy back at the house." Justin reassured as he squeezed Ruel's shoulder.

One fan came up close to the trio and asked for a photo of Ruel and Justin together. Shawn felt left out but simply hid his emotions as he went back to playing on his phone. He backed up out of the photo and waited for them to finish up.

Ruel smiled at Shawn and tried to comfort him, "Don't worry! You're talented too, it won't be long before you have girls calling your name too!" Ruel reassured Shawn. Shawn smiled sadly and nodded.
"Yeah..." he replied.

The three guys got close to the car and Ruel and Shawn already started to bicker about who got to sit in the front seat. Justin was getting annoyed with the back and forth and intervened.

"That's enough. Shawn, you always get shot gun whenever we go somewhere, let Ruel get it this time, okay?" Justin commanded softly, not expecting Shawn to disagree with his answer. Shawn huffed silently and sighed, rolling his eyes and getting into the back seat.

Justin got frustrated with Shawn's attitude and had the urge to swat his backside, but decided against it. He sighed and got in the driver's seat and turned on the radio, jamming "Younger" by Ruel. Ruel's eyes lit up as he and Justin sang along, Shawn started to sing along to the song too until suddenly the two stopped and began conversating.

Shawn put his AirPods in and sniffled, trying to keep the tears down as he was feeling insignificant. He tried to dismissed those thoughts as selfishness but he couldn't help being a bit jealous that Justin was paying more attention to Ruel suddenly. Shawn was so engulfed in his own thoughts he didn't hear Ruel calling him.

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