Homemade lasagne

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I actually cant believe you fell asleep during class

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I actually cant believe you fell asleep during class. – George.

Well, me neither. I never fall asleep! – Thea.

You know I don't – Thea.

Its impossible for me to fall asleep even when I need to sleep – Thea.

I remember your sleepover from seventh grade – George.

Please dont remind me of the horrible person I was back then – Thea.

Just back then? ;p – George.

I dont force 12yo to stay awake like I used too – Thea.

Thank god you dont you pervert. – George.

"Thea! Dinner's ready!"

Gotta go, dinners ready – Thea.

You should find your own place, claim your independence. – George

With time Georgie – Thea.

"Coming!" I yelled back to my mother as I closed my laptop and pushed myself away from my desk. I sighed as I stood up and rubbed a hand over my face. Lenna's words had shaking me. I didn't lie when I told George just then over text that she did scare easily. But the look she gave me after class was not one to make fun of. I'd truly scared her and I couldn't blame her. How come I was dreaming things and moments later they'd come true?

"What's for dinner?" I asked as I entered the kitchen, my bare feet making soft pad-pad-pad noises on the cold floor.

"Put something on your feet," my mom immediately snapped from behind the counter at me as I entered the room, "we're eating lasagne." I rolled my eyes and walked towards the laundry room to get some clean socks. As I returned I sat down at the table and pulled the socks over my feet. "Dad's late again?"

"He works a late night so we can leave earlier tomorrow. It'll be a long drive and we don't want to drive so late with the snow." I nodded as I pulled my phone from my pocket and looked through some other text I hadn't answered yet. Soon the oven beeped and within a few minutes my mother had the hot dish standing in front of us and was cutting the lasagne in pieces.

"Phone away please, honey." She told me as she put a big piece of food on my plate. Quickly finishing a text I laid the phone screen down on the table. My mother gave me a stern look and I lifted my eyes to the ceiling. With a huff I stood up and laid my phone out of reach. "Do we really have to do this when it's just the two of us?"

"Yes." My mother answered. I puckered my lips but said nothing. It was a rule my parents made: No phone during dinner and they lived by it. I picked up my fork and knife and start cutting the lasagne into smaller parts. The scraping of the cutlery was the only sound in the room as we ate in silence.

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