Chapter Twenty-Eight

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Chapter Twenty-Eight – The Spark

A giggle woke Xiao Xiao from a stupor. It was warm, the late-summer heat coating the walls and the floor without the relief of early autumn cooling the air.

The giggle resonated inside Xiao Xiao, like a vibrating gu zheng string. She opened her eyes and saw nothing. Closed her eyes with a soft sigh – and her insides were filled with light. She gasped as the light began from a small ember and roared into vivid life in a brilliant spark. She felt as if she had become a living sparkler.

Xiao Xiao placed a hand over her furiously-beating heart. Her head throbbed.

The giggle was Ming Zhu’s and she was coming back.

-         End of Xiao Xiao and the Dragon Pearl (Part 1) –

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