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Today is my birthday,  yay

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Today is my birthday,  yay... Note I am being sarcastic,  17 July on a Monday (17 today).  I head to shower and brush my teeth; I head out the bathroom with a towel over my hair and around my body as I push play on my phone,  for my Playlist.  Zombies by Bad Wolves come on as I put on my clothes and look at myself in the mirror. (note I am not wearing it also that is not the hairstyle), blue jeans and my white high heel boots and my black Opal necklace my dad gave to me for my birthday.

I put my phone (IPhone 7) in my pocket and headed downstairs; mom was standing by the stove making pancakes.  "Morning sweety." she said turning to me with a smile on her face. Mom never smiles something must be wrong.

"Good morning mom,  you seem happy." I said sitting down at the table.

"This is because I am." said mom turning around and placing a plate of pancakes in front of me.

"Mom what happened?" I said raising an eyebrow at her.

"Nothing happened." she said passinge the syrup and sitting down across from me and smiling.

"You sure?" I asked putting syrup on my stack of pancakes.

"Okay fine,  don't freak out but I want you to meet my new boyfriend." she said smiling even harder.

"What?" I said and smiled, "Mom you have a boyfriend!" I said almost shouting out and smirking at her.

"His name is Scott and he is 42 years old and he owns the mall in Port Angeles." she said smiling. 

"Wow mom, I am so happy for you." I say nodding my head impressed.

"You are going to meet him tonight,  so please be on your best behaviour and do not be late from hanging out with Jacob." she said standing up and kissing my forehead and left the kitchen.  I sat there and ate my breakfast going over what happened this morning.

After I was done I grabbed my bag and I headed to the garage to get my bike,  I jump on opening my hair and put on my helmet.  (i opened my hair because my hair being up will not fit in my helmet). I started the bike and left the house.

I arrived at school 20 minutes before school started; I parked my bike and took my helmet off,  shaking my hair so it will fall to my side.  Boys watched as I did this and I tied my hair back to its messy bun. I put my helmet on my bike and carry my bag up the stairs and into school.

"Did you see the new kids?" I was walking past people and today they weren't staring and talking about me, instead they were talking about something else.

"Yeah,  they are so gorgeous." said the other girl.  I continued walking and all the other students were talking about the new kids.  I was so confused.  I went to my locker and put the books I didn't need in and took the ones I did out. I headed to my first class which is A.P Spanish and went to the back of the class.

The bell rang and students entered the class, "Okay class these are two of our new students that will be joining us." said Mr. Lomeli smiling and telling them to sit next  to me, I rolled my my eyes and continued to stare out the window. I caught the new kids sneaking a few glances at me but I ignored it tuning in to listen to the class. One of the boys were big and muscular and had dark hair and had a band with a crest on it on his hand and he is pale with golden eyes; he wore a black shirt with denim jeans and Levi's. The other boy was not as big as the other but he had muscles, he wore a blue shirt with jeans and Levi's and he is pale with golden eyes. They wore these crests on a band around their wrists and I was instantly fascinated by them. 

When the lesson was over I headed to my next lesson which is Music Arts,  I sat down at my seat and watched as kids moved in and sat in their seats avoiding looking at me. Mrs. Holmes introduced the new girl and was put next to me.  She had long barely curly blonde hair and her colour scheme was dark; her eyes were a golden colour just like the other new kids and she also wore a necklace with the same crest I saw on th new kids in A.P Spanish.  From the corner of my eye I could see her roll her eyes at me; I pull my right leg up to my chest and roll my eyes at her looking back at the teacher.  The next hour was spent with the new girl staring at me and watching my movements.  When the lesson was over I grabbed my things and headed to my next class which was gym.

I hate gym so much,  but at least this place,  where people don't have time to gossip because of coach telling them to do activities.  Today we were playing volleyball and like always I was chosen last.  I was on Jessica's team great... I am being sarcastic... I went and stood at the back not in the mood to play and played only when necessary.  And our team won; as soon as coach blew the whistle and I ran into the locker room and got changed.

Everyone entered the locker room and I was out already with my satchel in my hand and an annoyed look in my face.  I moved to my next class which was history and spent break there.  When the bell finally rang I watched people enter the class Miss Tallahassee entered with a boy hot on her heels.  I looked up and the boy had shoulder- length curly hair,  and was pale,  he had the crest that the other new kids had on a band on his wrist and he wore a white long sleeve shirt with blue jeans and his eyes were golden also. He sat next to me at my desk which is now ours and he shifted his seat all the way to the other side of the table and inched away from me.  I smelled my shirt but I still smelled like pine, amber and roses.  I looked into his golden eyes confused; he looked back into my silver eyes and I saw he was in pain. 

I rolled my eyes and went back to paying attention to the lesson. History maybe one of my favourite subjects but I suck at it.

The next hour I caught the new kid staring at my but I brushed it off going to listen to the lesson. When the lesson was over the new kid ran out the door and I was shocked how fast he got up and left.

I brushed it off and headed to Art,  I sat in my seat taking out my tree drawing and continued to do it as a girl sat next to me.  I looked over at her for a second then went back to working. The girl was tiny and had a pixie cut hairstyle, she had a big smile on her face which is pale.  I saw that she was wearing the crest I have been seeing all day on a chocker around her neck and had golden eyes. The tiny girl turned to me and smiled I gave her a warm smile then turned back to the lesson.  As soon as that was over I headed out going to leave my books in my locker and getting my biology book. It was now lunch... Yay now the whole school can stare at me again...

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