Chapter 10- That's Not The Real You

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                Tianna POV

What the hell was this boy doing??

        "No, I don't want some! Throw that out we need to talk!" I tried to Get the blunt away from him but he wouldn't budge.

        "No!! I'm not giving it up!! Damn! Leave me alone." I stopped moving.

        "You really need to stop smoking EJ...really!!!" I tried once more to grab the blunt. As I was reaching for it, I was on him.

        "Tianna, get off of me..."

        "No! Not until you give up that blunt!"

        "Tianna, I'm warning you!!! Get. Off. Of. Me!" I stayed on him trying to get it away from him. He then slapped me. I fell off of him.

        "I told yo dumb-ass to get off of me, but you wouldn't listen...stop being such a bitch sometimes!!!!" What?? Did he....EJ just....I started crying. He did nothing but look at me and smoke.

        "If you're gonna cry, please do it somewhere else because you killing my high." I ran out and into my room. I just sat on my bed and cried. Again??

                EJ POV

Yaass! I'm glad she's gone. That girl was killing my high!! I'm chill and here she come naggin. Uh.... nah! You can miss me with that bullsh*t! She was crying...I'll chere her up later...

                Darius POV

It's getting real boring up in this house. Forreal. I been going to this counselor lady. I guess she supposed to help me with my "problems" I needa get outta here. Start mixing and mingling again. Wrd! I put on a fresh outfit...gotta look sexy or whateva! lol. I had to be ratchet for a second. And i headed out the door. Yes, everyone knows where i'm at....they have a tracking device on me. I got to my car and got a phone call from Demetrice saying meet him at Ye 'Ole Fashion Ice Cream Palor. I got in my car and blasted New Flame x Chris Brown ft. Usher. That's my jam!! I arrived at the place, got out of my car, and turned on my swagger to 300!! (Bang Bang Sosa) I see Jaida, Demetrice, and this fine ass girl with them.

        "Hey brother, future sister. Who is this beautiful girl. Hi my names Darius, has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are, seriously. I cant take my eyes off of you!" She blushed. I got her!!! Yaaasss!!

        "My name is Ahnia, and you're not so bad yourself. How about we go to another table and we can talk."

        "I was gonna say the same thing." She giggled I grabbed her hand and we sat and talked. We talked so long that Demetrice and Jaida left us... I think I found the one...

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