Chapter 13

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..hey do you think we could talk later tonight at about 9:00 pm we will meet at the park when your not with Hanna and that?

Chris- Sure sounds like a plan.

I looked at the time it was only 8:17 pm I had a while until we would meet up.

I paced up and down my room wondering what I would say to Chris when I saw him. Should I just say it straight up "I love you Chris" or should I just tell him about the incident between me and Jacob. Uhh I'm so confused. I think I will just tell him nothing is going on between me and Jacob and just explain what happened.

- 8:56 -

Oh no! I dunno what I'm gonna say I'm starting to freak out now. I started walking to the park its very dark and quiet though I can still see some light because of all the street lights. I saw a distant  figure though it didn't quite look like a males shape. As I got closer I could faintly tell it was Indie, you could tell she was talking to someone I just couldn't see who because there was a stupid tree in the way.

Indies POV

"Indie, you wouldn't understand how many times I have tried to say this to you but something always got in the way between it" Luke informed me I smiled bigger than before he continued "Your so beautiful and perfect and I've liked you for so long so Indie will you be my girlfriend?"

My eyes widened I couldn't believe my ears.

"Yes!" I hugged him not wanting to let go, this was by far the best day ever!!

Tara's POV

I looked to realise Indie was there with Luke he must've finally asked her out since you can tell they both like each other, now Indie's in a relationship and I'm trying to save mine.

I started to hear noises...scary..ones. It feels like someones here but there would be no one. Stupidly I felt the urge to look over my shoulder so slowly I looked over my shoulder to see a person staring at me with the most scariest mask on. I fell to the ground, freaking out I tried my hardest to get away. I got back onto my feet and ran screaming my head off.

 I hide behind a bush, breathing heavily out of breath. I saw Chris coming over in the distance.

"OMG are you okay?!?! I didn't meant to scare you that much." he asked worriedly.

"THAT WAS YOU! YOU SCARED ME SO MUCH!!!" I yelled punching him in the arm.

"OW" he sounded in pain but then he laughed afterwards so I guess he wasn't?

"Okay so what did you need to talk to me about?" Chris asked sounding confused.

" know earlier today how I was with Jacob and you were with Hanna yeah? please just believe me that me and Jacob are just friends!"

"Okay? so 'just friends' kiss like that do they?' he didn't sound very convinced.

"Please just listen it was nothing! I didn't even mean to do it!"

"Well it did happen, you know I still have no clue why you dumped me! You say that the kiss between you and Jacob 'didn't mean anything!' but I'm sure it did and you probably like him that's probably why you dumped me to be with him!" Chris yelled.

Tears tears tears came rushing down my face.

"None of that is true! I can't tell you why I dumped you its between me and someone else just believe that!" My voice was shakey

"Well I hope you enjoy being with Jacob" Chris started to look like he was about to cry, before I knew it he was walking off into the distance.

"I don't like Jacob, I love you" I whispered to myself he will never understand how I feel.


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Also I've written the characters so if you would like a better picture of the characters look at the cast. I did make some characters the same as they are in tv shows like in pretty little liars, i did Lucy Hale as Aria, I was going to do Ashley Benson as Hanna but I did Sasha Pieterse beause her role as Alison on pretty little liars is a mean girl sometimes so I pictured her as Hanna more. I'm in the story and so is my friend Pariss so if you would like to know what we look like our instagram names are:



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