Chapter 4:Initiation

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Okay so now it's time for Zane and Kairi to go through Initiation! Will they pass or will they fail? Also what will Liam be doing while the imitation is happening? Also will his true identity be revealed?
Zane and Kairi are getting their gear on in preparation for their Initiation with the rest of the students. "What do you think they'll have us do Zane?" Kairi asked her friend and fellow Keyblade wielder as they got ready to head out. "Your guess is as good as mine, mom refuses to tell me anything about it." Zane said as he and Kairi began to head out for the cliff, where Ozpin was waiting for them. "Well whatever it is I'm sure we can handle it!" Kairi said as she smiled at Zane, which caused him to blush at the sight of it. "Y-Yeah your right! Let's get going!" Zane said as he and Kairi hurried to the cliff.
Ozpin and Glynda stood at the cliff waiting for the new students to arrive for their test. "So why'd you call me here? It sounded important, but you know how my partner gets when I leave without her." Liam said as he climbed out of Glynda's shadow in he coat and hood. "Well Mr. Nikos I want you on standby, just in case things get to out of hand." Ozpin said as he took a sip from his coffee mug. "I thought the whole point of this test was to see whether or not these guys can get out of dangerous situations?" Liam said as he looked at Ozpin in disbelief and confusion. "Now, now you can never be to cautious Mr. Nikos!" Ozpin said before he turned to face the approaching Students.
Zane respected Professor Ozpin, but what was this guy thinking launching a bunch of kids into a forest? Zane angled himself before grabbing a tree branch before spinning and landing on his feet. Zane then used his Telekinesis semblance to gently set Kairi on the ground. "Thanks Zane! I was not ready to be sent flying by a launch pad there!" Kairi said as she as she dusted herself off before looking at Zane. "No problem Kairi! You know I always got your back!" Zane said as he smiled at his childhood friend. "So which way should we go?" Kairi asked as she looked around the dense forest for some type of path. "Hmmm, we'll figure out as we go! Common adventure awaits!" Zane said as he took Kairi's hand and led her through the forest.
                 "I hope Zane and Kairi will be alright!" Glynda said as she watched her son and the young girl make their way through the forest. "Don't worry Ms. Goodwitch, Zane and Kairi have made leaps and bounds in their training. Those two are ready for anything this test has to throw at them!" Liam said as he smiled under his hood. Suddenly a girl with pink and brown hair marched up to Liam and jabbed her finger into his chest. Liam looked down nervously as he saw that the girl had her cheeks puffed out in anger as she glared at him.

            "H-Hey Ice Cream Cone, how are you right now?" Liam asked nervously as his girlfriend continued to glare at him angrily

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"H-Hey Ice Cream Cone, how are you right now?" Liam asked nervously as his girlfriend continued to glare at him angrily. "You left me alone this morning you jerk!" Neo held up a computerized sign that typed out what she wanted to say. "I know, but Ozpin wanted me here to oversee the Initiation." Liam defended himself as Neo angrily stomped her foot on the ground before holding up the sign again. "Oh, but would it have killed you to leave me a note?" Neo's sign typed out as she continued to glare at Liam. "I'm sorry babe, can you forgive me?" Liam asked as Neo's eyes softened before tackling her boyfriend into a hug.
Zane and Kairi were still just wandering through the forest, but they stopped when they heard a growl from the bushes. Zane summoned the Kingdom Key as Kairi summoned Destiny's Embrace and got ready to fight. A pack of Beowolves surrounded them ready to pounce at a moment's notice. Before they could strike Zane cut one in half with the Kingdom Key as Kairi blasted another one with light magic from her Keyblade. "Alright you mutts bring it on!" Zane shouted as he slashed another two into pieces as Kairi blasted another three with light magic. Zane then used his Telekinesis to uproot a tree and used it to crush the last of the pack.
"We better keep moving before more show up." Kairi said as Zane nodded before they heard a loud bang coming from somewhere. "That must be the others, let's get going." Zane said as he and Kairi ran off into a clearing where the rest of the students were facing a Deathstalker that had Ruby pinned by her cape. Zane jumped into action as he used his Telekinesis to levitate some of the rumble so he could jump across it. Zane then dropped down and cut off the Deathstalker's tail before turning to face Ruby. "Mind if I drop in Red?" Zane asked before rushing the Deathstalker and knocking over with an upward slash with his Keyblade. Before it could get back on its feet, Zane stabbed through its exposed underside with the Kingdom Key killing it.
             "Seriously your weapon is a giant key?" Yang said while holding in a laugh. "Oh yeah? Well this giant key just saved your sister's life ya blonde bimbo! I didn't see you rushing in there to help!" Zane growled at Yang as she hung her head in embarrassment. "Now let's just get what we came for and get out of here!" Zane said as he walked past them and grabbed a Crimson King chess piece. Although before they could start heading back a Nevermore screeched overhead. "Oh Great now there's a giant bird here!" Zane said as he threw his arms up in disbelief at the sight of the Grimm.
Kairi held her Keyblade up in the air as she got ready to perform a big attack. "Thunder!" Kairi called out as a huge bolt of lightning rained down onto the Nevermore, killing it. Zane looked over at Kairi with a shocked expression at what his fellow Keyblade wielder has just done. "Remind me not to get on your bad side Kairi." Zane said as the girl giggled in response to Zane's words. With that out of the way the group made their way back to Ozpin. Although the rest of the group kept their distance except Pyrrha as one thought was on all of they're minds. "What the hell are those two?!" The group thought as they continued on their way.
Liam chuckled as he watched Zane and Kairi make quick work of the Grimm that had attacked the others. "I must say I not expect those two be this powerful." Ozpin said in surprise at the performance that Zane and Kairi put on. "Master Yen Sid trained is well, after all you said the same thing after my Initiation." Liam reminded Ozpin as he smiled under his hood while Neo snuggled into his side. "Although Zane and Kairi are the only two that won't be on a team of four. I would hate to have to send them home." Ozpin said as he looked down in thought. "Place them on team KNDM with Neo and I, after all we have two open spaces." Liam said as Ozpin nodded before turning to face the approaching group.
"Well done all of you! Now let us begin the trip back to Beacon so we can do the team placement." Ozpin said as they began walking back to the school. "Hey shady!" Liam turned to see Yang and Ruby run up to him for some reason. "Oh it's you two again. Yang and Ruby correct?" Liam asked as he looked at them. "Yeah, but who's shorty next to you?" Yang asked as she pointed to Neo, who got angry at her words. "Well this is my teammate and girlfriend Neo." Liam said as he introduced her. "Hello." Neo held up her sign as she greeted the two sisters. "Anyway we best be heading back, see after the team placement." Liam said as he and Neo walked off away from the two sisters.

Okay so we got to see Zane and Kairi in action, now it's time for the teams to be formed! Liam will also reveal who he really is next chapter and will he have a run in with some people from his past? Find out next time!

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