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She looked at me and smirked and picked Sabrina up. The dog stood and walked by her side in a protective manner. The guys also followed her. She handed me Sabrina and kissed her forehead while Sabrina giggled. The dog sat and waited for her command and she called out to him and they walked away and I couldn't help but her admire how nice her ass was. She looked back feeling my stare and smirked. I shook my head and headed to class.


We walked into school and headed to the office when all of a sudden this cute little light skin girl no more than 3 or 4 years old ran around the corner crying. She stopped when she saw us and I bent down and she backed up scared. I smiled a gentle smile and Chico sat down and she saw him and squealed and giggled while I laughed and did the guys while she rubbed him.

"My name is Violetta. What's yours cutie?", I asked tickling her as she giggled. "Sabwina", she said. I smiled and she went back to rubbing Chico when a deep husky voice called out her name. She turned around and ran to them and I looked up and saw Jace Knight the second most feared man in the world. He picked up Sabrina and she giggled as he tickled her. She got down and ran back to me and I picked her up and stood up. Chico stood also and walked beside me. I gave Sabrina to the guy and kissed her forehead and smirked at the guy.

I walked off when I felt his stare on my ass and I turned slightly and smirked at him and we headed to the office and got our stuff and went to first period. I just sat and listened to music the whole time because I already learned everything the teacher was talking about.

●°●°●°●TIME SKIP TO LUNCH●°●°●°●

I put my stuff in my locker and we all headed towards the cafeteria. Hayden and Adrian opened the doors for me and I walked in and everyone went silent. I looked around and spotted Sabrina and waved at her and she got up and ran over and I picked her up and sat down placing her on the table in front of me.

The boys went out and went to get me something to eat while Adrian and Harden went to the bathroom. I heard the doors open and didn't look as I was still joking around with Sabrina. All if a sudden a hand flew out and pushed Sabrina away from me making her fall but I caught her and she started crying. I put her down and told her to go back to her brother. I sat down and took my boots off. I looked up and saw a Barbie look alike with died whitish blonde hair.

I stood up and grabbed her neck and brought her ear close to my mouth and I whispered in her ear "If you ever touch Sabrina again or come up to me I will kill you in a slow painful way". I let her go and she slapped me and my head whipped right.

I sucked in a deep breath. "I swear I used to be a good girl but people like you pushed me to my breaking point. Sluts like you piss me off and make me want to kill you. Don't ever touch me again", I said as I circled her.
She laughed an annoying laugh and I heard the door open just as she slapped me again.

I grabbed her hair and punched her in the face. I pushed her against the wall and punched her constantly when she punched me in the lip and I threw her across the cafeteria. I sat on top of her and punched her over and over again when I felt people try to pull me off but I punched them and went back to the slut. I grabbed her hair and dragged her back to my table and slammed her face into the table. I punched her twice and went for a third when someone pulled me off with force and threw me over their shoulder.

I struggled to get down but couldn't. I gave up and crossed my arms over my chest when we went in a dark room and they locked the door. They set me down and I went to kick their was but they grabbed me and pinned my arms to a wall. I looked and saw Jace and I struggled more. I got one hand loose and punched him in the face. His eyes darkened and he grabbed me and sat down and put over his lap pinning me. He pulled up my skirt and stroked my ass before he started spanking me as a punishment. I squirmed around and he continued to spank me.

He stopped and sat me on his lap making me straddle him and he looked in my eyes pinning my arms. I felt his hard on under me and I moaned as he touched my heat. He smirked and rubbed himself on me. I moaned and he released my hands and they shot up to his hair as I three my head back. He picked me up and laid me on a table and grinded himself into me and I moaned while gripping the table.


Hey guys so I hope you enjoyed the 6th chapter. I tried my best and next chapter will be quite interesting but I'm not giving away any clues any ways until next time. Goodbye my darlings

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