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Itsuki = Naruto
Kokka = Shikamaru
Uchitake = Uchiha+Hatake
Natsuki = ex-Zennougami / fox familiar
Kirin = Ex-Shinigami / deer familiar

Just in case you were confused, or forgot.


"So wait, after you left, you just became a Goddess!?"


"How can you just become a Goddess!?"

"You need to get a recommendation from a certain amount of immortals, clear certain goals, swear an oath and tadaa!! You're an immortal being!"

"That easy?"

"Well, the levels were pretty high... I mean, staying up without sleep for half a year, living without Kokka for a year... Living as a civilian, surviving woth no powers for another year, etcetera etcetera."

"Wait, Kokka? Who's he? The national anthem?" Itachi giggled at his husband's joke and Itsuki explained the joke for those who didn't understand it.

"In Japanese, Kokka means National anthem, as well as Black deer. Koku, the world abbreviated to 'Kok' means both country/national and black. Whilst 'Ka' can mean either song or deer. Also, for your information, the term 'Baka' as I think you all know, which means Stupid, is spelt by Kanji, to what literally translates to 'Horse Deer' so brains of a horse and a deer basically... Therefore 'BA' is horse and 'KA' is deer!!"

"Itsuki, now it's not funny~"

"Who cares, anyway, Kokka is, as I think you guessed by the term 'deer', Shikamaru. He's my husband, and also the god of death. So I would be careful on what you say or else..."
Itsuki left the threat hanging for effect before bursting out in laughter.

"You- actually- bought- it!!" She said between her chuckles until she ran out of breath.

"He wouldn't do that. Of course, unless you try to flirt with me, which you won't. Or you try to kill me which is impossible but still..."

"I heard my name. Itsuki, who have you invited this ti-" Kokka stopped abruptly and stared at the two men, who mirrored his look.

"Shikamaru! You've become a hottie haven't you? Don't worry Itsuki, I won't take him, he ain't my type." Itachi joked while the others chuckled nervously.

"Uzukage-sama! This is urgent. I'm sorry to interrupt but the Kage's have requested a meeting! At our country!" A man, holding a giant scythe wearing a black cloak with red clouds appeared.

"Hidan. You don't have to panic. I knew that those nosey bastards will come with that request any day."

"But Ma'am!"

"I know. They think you're still a wanted man. You know you aren't anymore, and if anything were to happen on that matter, I will take care of it. Oh, and prepare the rest of the Akatsuki and the Seven swordsmen, as well as the Jinchuuriki for battle and also, think of code names. That aren't embarrassing but also hide your true persona. Now go. Once informed to all units, tell them to come to my office, in exactly ten minutes." Hidan left without another word and Itsuki sat on her chair. Kokka stood behind her in his place as adviser and Natsuki sat on Itsuki's shoulder like a scarf, whilst Kirin pranced around in the Heavens high above.

"Itachi, Kakashi, I recommend that you leave my office for now. Kirin! I summon thee!" Itsuki yelled and the magnificent black beast appeared in the centre of the room.

"Kirin will guide you to your new home, we'll catch up with each other later okay?"

"Alright. See you later, imouto" Itsuki smiled and Kokka hugged her from behind, slightly protectively.

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