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I sat at the window in Mary Mary Margret's room with a cup of tea in my hand and a blanket wrapped around my shoulders. I had my feet up on the chair and my elbows on my knees. I watched the lightning as it flashed in the sky. The rain pouring down against the window seal. I know there is some big safety thing about not being by a window when there is a storm, or is that an earthquake? I don’t know but I really didn’t care. I love lightning. There is something so beautiful about it. The raw power that it has as it flashes in the sky. The electricity had gone out a while back and the only light source I had was the candles that I had lite around the room and of course when the lightning strikes, making the sky turn purple. My mind went to thinking of Mary Margret and her crush on David. Will she ever find love? Will Emma? Will I? One of the things I want more than anything is to find love. To find someone who loves me more than anything. To find someone who I can start a family with. Every boy in this small town are arseholes. But for some reason I feel like there is someone out there for me. That he’s waiting. I have always felt it for some reason. The rain stopped and the lightning. The storm went away as as it came. I stayed in my spot though. Just thinking.

The next morning I sat at the table. I took a bite of my toast and Emma sat down on the chair across from Mary Margret and I sat at the head of the table. I looked up at Mary Margret and she was looking at the clock that was on the wall, in a daze. I looked at it and saw it said 7:15. I looked at her and gave her a sad smile. Emma reached over and took her hand. I put my hand on Mary Margret’s shoulder. She gave Emma and soft smile and then she looked at me. I knew it was hard for her, but it was the right thing to do. No matter how much she loved David.

Authors note:

Sorry about the short chapter. But i have written like 4 chapters today! i just wanted to say thank you to you guys for actually reading this story and giving it a chance. I know im not the best writer but im trying! But anyways,  vote on this story please and comment!


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