Question One: Have you ever sharted yourself?


Question Two: Are you a bottom in sex?

That's a bit personal. (Louis totally bottoms)

Question Three: Is Louis good in bed?

The best I've ever had.

Question Four: Who tops? or do you take turns?

I top more than Louis does.

Question Five: Why did you post nudes on SnapChat?

Is yolo an acceptable answer?

Question Six: Was Louis mad you posted nudes?

He's the one who leaked the video.

Question Seven: Why are you so cute?

If I knew, I would tell you.

Question Eight: Do you top or bottom? Are you happy with Louis?

What's with all these sex questions? I top. Louis bottoms. And I'm very happy with Louis, he's an a amazing husband.


Question One: Do you ever find yourself second guessing your love for Michael?

Is the sky blue?

Question Two: Do you think Niall should take Harry's last name?

No cause Harry is totally going to bottom.

Question Three: Do you love Michael?

Course I do. That's what boyfriends are supposed to do... love each other.

Question Four: Do you have a tongue piercing?

I have a lip piercing.

Question Five: Do you love or have feelings for Michael?

Course I do.


Question One: Do you dream about your dead turtle?

No... That's creepy

Question Two: Do you ever find yourself loving your turtle in a more intimate way?

I might be desperate but I'm not that desperate

Question Three: On a scale from 1 to 10, how much would you like a special person like boyfriend/girlfriend?

Probably around an eight or nine. I dunno, just depends on the day really.

Question Four: How is Timmy? He needs a girlfriend, tell Harry to buy you a another one.

Timmy is great, and I did. He won't get me another one. Apparently I'm not responsible enough to take care of two, but then again this is coming from the Turtle Killer

Question Five: How's your turtle Timmy? Does Harry try to kill him?

He's great, and not yet. There are moments though were I'm pretty sure he's thinking about it.

Question Six: Has Harry tried to kill your turtle yet?

No, but then again I don't let him around Timmy without adult supervision.

Question Seven: When will you and Timmy marry?

September 19th


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