Of course I am.


Question One: How do you feel about the whole Blake situation?

Kind of freaked out if I'm honest. It's not everyday you're stuck with someone else's kid, even when it's your boyfriend's nephew.

Question Two: Are you relieved that Blake isn't Niall's?

Yes. It would've been nice of him to inform me that the kid looked like him from the start though. Would've totally saved a fight.

Question Three: Are you happy enough to show Niall to your mom?

Shit. I haven't talked to my mum for ages... I should probably do that. As for the question, yes. I would love to introduce Niall to my mother.

Question Four: Why are you so funny? And d you think you and Niall are going to last very long if he can't battle through his depression?

It's a god given talent, I don't really know how else to explain it. As for the second half, I would like to think so. I want to help Niall in every way I can.

Question Five: How do you think you can help Niall with his depression? What would you do to help him?

At this moment the best I think I can do is let him know that I'm here. I have to keep reassuring him that I won't be going anywhere. I love him too much to let this get in the way.

Question Six: Do you think Blake has influenced your thoughts on children with Niall sooner than later? If so what would you two name your kids?

I already have 20 rock children apparently... I don't really know if I can handle anymore.

If we did have kids though I would probably name one of them Oswald just to piss Liam off.

Question Seven: Why are you so cocky and if Niall won't marry you, can you marry me?

Well you are what you eat. And sure, name a time and place. I'll be there.

Question Eight: Would you date Zayn if you never met Niall? Why or why not?

Probably not and the reason why is because he's not really my type. He's too much like me and it's kind of freaky to be honest.

Question Nine: Do you think Zayn and Liam should date?

Yes. That way they can have 20 rock children and I won't get weird texts from Zayn in the middle of the night. That boy has no boundaries I swear.

Question Ten: If Niall agrees to marry you, where will the event be? Why?

Las Vegas, because the drive thru weddings are speedy as fuck.


Question One: Write a long paragraph about what you think of Narry


Question Two: How was your honeymoon?

It was great, we went to Paris and had an amazing time. Thank you for asking xx

Question Three: Why aren't you in the story all that much?

Don't really know, I'm just not I guess.

Question Four: Who tops?

I do.

Question Five: How are you (cause I rarely see you in the story)?

I'm great, and I know right? Now that in back from my honeymoon it should be better though.


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