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(Morning)(at the office)

I was doing my work i heard the door went open

"Yes?who is it?"i said and i look towards that person"jimin oppa and so hee unnie!?what are u guys doing here?"i ask them surprise

"Well were here to visit you!i miss u little baby!"so hee said and i went out if my seat and went to them and they hug me and quickly broke the hug"oppa!you have work today right?did u run away or something?"i ask him

"Well its actually our breaktime and i think that i should visit u since i havent see you since u move out to our door we miss u already..the boys wanted to see you badly"jimin said"well next week is my secretary whould be coming from some meetings..bc im not going to be here for the whole week.."i said

"Oh we are too..we should do a trip i guess for 7 days"jimin said and i nodded"yah!can i come?"so hee unnie beg with her puppy eyes"ofc!you can unnie"i said

Until someone open the door it was soobin

"Oh soobin?"i said and he went in and went near to my ears"you have a meeting right now"soobin whisper into my ears

And he bow and went out and both o them look at me"uhm well...i have a meeting right now soo..i maybe see you guys in the trip?"i said and i bow to them and they bow too and i went out and went to th meeting room"lets proceed to tmour meeting please"i said

(After the meeting)

I went to my office and check my email and their are so many people have email me..so i check them all and they wanted to work with me but first i check it if its was a scam or what...

(After you check all of your email)

U strech your arms in the air and quickly went to the bathroom to change Into my croptop and skirt

And went out of the office and went to my car and drove to the coffee shop and arrive

I went in to the coffee shop and order two coffee and waited to the person i be meeting today..

I was scrolling to my phone while i heard the door went open and i look towards the door and it was the person i've been waiting so i wave my hands

"Here!"i said and he went infront of me
"You came babe!have you been waiting for me"jungkook said yes!jungkook is the i've been waiting for

(Flashback)(2hours ago)
Hyerim's pov

Ive been doing my works for a couple of hours now until my phone makes some sound witch means someone measage me it was jungkook


Baby kook❤️:hi babe meet me at the coffee shop later night after your work

Me:ok babe...any problems?

Baby kook❤️:nothing..i missed you so much!

Me:i missed you too but we always see each other in the house..

Baby kook❤️:i know!but it doesn't better when your not here beside me..

Me:aigoo...my kookie...well see u later the the coffee shop

Baby kook❤️:ok bye!i love you

Me:bye!i love you too

(End of converstaion)

(End of flashback)

And our coffee had arrive so we talk about our day if its fine

And we finished our coffee's and we went out and went to my car and drove to our house we arrive

We went upsatirs and we did our night time routine and we lay at our bed and sleep

---------------                          ---------------

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