Chapter 22

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Things have gotten better. Its been a couple of weeks since the horrible party night and I was better. I missed Graham more than anything but it was time to move on and accept it. I really didn’t want to but I knew that I needed to. Graham would want me to. I pulled some leggings over my legs and I put on a white flowy tank top that had red flowers on it and I put a gray sweater cardigan on. I put my brown knee high boots over my feet and  I zipped them up. I put my hair in a messy low bun and I walked out of my room.

‘’Morning’’Emma said as I walked in the kitchen. She was making cereal.

‘’Morning’’I said going and grabbing apple and taking a bite. I looked at the small TV that we had in the kitchen and the weather man said there was rain and storms coming. Great. Mary Margret came rushing out and put her boots on fast as a tooth brush was hanging from her mouth.

‘’I cant believe I over slept’’Mary Margret said after spitting toothpaste in the sink.

‘’Its only 7:10 you have plenty of time to get to school’’Emma said.

‘’No, I have to be there at 7:15. Science fair, im helping the kids with their project before school’’Mary Margret said putting her hat on.

‘’They wont care that you are 5 minutes late’’I said

‘’Were making a volcano’’Mary Margret said sounding defensive. She grabbed her purse and ran out of the door.

‘’The science fair isn’t for another couple of months’’I said taking a bite of my apple.

‘’Want to follow her?’’Emma asked

‘’Oh, Hell yeah’’I said throwing my apple in the trash. We quickly ran out of the apartment and followed Mary Margret. She was going to the diner.

‘’Back door,’’I said running to the back door. I opened it and I walked through the small hallway that connected the diner and the bed and breakfast. I peaked around the corner and saw Mary Margret was talking to David. She was definitely not making a volcano.  I couldn't hear what they were saying but she was smiling big. I have never seen her smile like that. After David left, Emma and I walked out into the diner.

‘’This is making a volcano?’’ Emma asked. Mary Margret turned to us, looking surprised. Emma sat down and I grabbed a chair and I sat down.

‘’I get it’’Emma said

‘’He comes here every morning at 7:15 A.M. to get coffee’’

‘’For him and Kathryn’’I said

‘’I know, I know, I know. I just like to come here, to see him’’Mary Margret said

‘’So you’re a stalker?’’Emma asked.

‘’No not really.’’

I gave her a look.

‘’Maybe a little bit. Its not like im following him.  I just know that he spends his mornings with Kathryn, gets coffee then drives to the animal shelter to start work at 7:30 and then hes home around 5’’

I looked at her wide eyed. Okay.

‘’Anything else?’’I asked

‘’Thursdays they pick up Chinese for dinner’’

I face planted.

‘’Oh, Mary Margret’’I said

‘’I cant get him out of my head’’

‘’I know. Maybe the first step is not showing up here tomorrow.’’Emma said

‘’Loves the worst’’. I nodded. I have never been in love but from what I have seen, its sucks. It really dose. I would love to find it though. Like my parents. They had it. I was to young to remember all of it but Mary Marget told me about them. How much in love they were.

‘’I wish there was a magic cure’’Mary Margret said. If only, I hate seeing my sister like this.

I bent down to look at the candy on the bottom of the shelf. Apollo bar or Twix? Twix it is. I jumped up and I walked down the isle to go find Mary Margret. I stopped when I saw the biggest bag of potato chips I have ever seen. I debated getting them and I nodded smiling as I grabbed the bag. I kept walking and I found Mary Margret. I put my stuff in the little basket she was holding.

‘’I know you said only one thing but I really really want these chips’’

I looked at Mary Margret she looked sad.

‘’whats wrong?’’I asked. She snapped out of her daze and she looked at me.

‘’Um nothing im fine.’’She said.

‘’Okay ‘’I said giving her a smile. I knew there was something wrong. I didn't want to push it though.

''I said only one treat''Mary Margret said looking at me. I shrugged.

''Im a teenager, im emotional and i need potato chips and chocolate to survive these tragic years''I said using my best puppy dog face.

''Fine''She said sighing. I smiled and i bumped her slightly.

''We can share.'' I said linking arms with her.

*By the way i will put her outfits on the side.*

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